Friday, December 3, 2004

Bunch of Schtuff

First off, if you're visiting courtesy of Blog Explosion, here's the scoop: some of my commentaries are purely political, some are humorous, and some are a mix of both. Take a look around before your thirty seconds are up, and if you don't like the subject of one post, I'd encourage you to take a look at another before you make up your mind.

Secondly, I had some major dental work in the last few days. Sorry for the delay in posting. Friday's post is below.

Third, I've made myself a wish list on Amazon. Not that I expect anything from the casual reader (although it'd be nice) but I figure someone in the family will see this and get an idea of what I want/need . . . before they inevitably buy me socks.

Lastly, in answer to one of the few - the very very very few - comments left on the site: sure, I'd be happy to offer up my views on whatever you like. I have an opinion on most things, and if all else fails I can always make one up. Just drop a note in the comments section, which I'm told is quite nasty to behold, or email me at and I'll respond in kind.

By the way, some readers have filled me in on how clumbsy and inconvienent the AOL comments section is constructed. For this, I apologize. Given a few more months, I may move this site to a more hospitable locale. Any ideas/preferences between sites like blogger and blogspot and the like? Let me know.


oftencold said...

I have several things.

1.  An announcement:
"Due to the sudden, unexpected return of  Slapinions from the Shadow of Death, the auctiion of his belonings has been cancelled."

2. In order to place a comment on this page, I had to install an Active X control, inspite of dire warnings from IE that this just might precipitate global war through the spread of malicious code.  I hope the statement of profound trust that this act implies on my part does no go unnoticed.

3. WELCOME BACK SLAPINIONS! It is good to see you up and about and working up some fire in the belly over the baseball doping thing.

4.  What is up with the Mafia fixation?   :-)

tre696 said...

Dude put up more CDs on your wish list.  My first post to your site.