Monday, January 10, 2005

Blog Clicker

A couple of days ago I asked for recommendations on alternate traffic exchanges. I've received two. My first impression of Traffic Exchange 25 is that it's dominated by money making schemes. Not good, but I'll give it another chance.

The second, which holds potential, is Blog Clicker. Essentially, it's a Blog Explosion clone. The difference is it's brand new. How new? Out of the first 26 pages I surfed, 21 were the same site.

I don't think it should be written off just yet. It can go one of two ways: either blogs ignore it and it fills up with sleezy get-rich-quick schemes, or we throw them some attention and have a nice secondary site to compliment Blog Explosion.

So sign up already. If you think I'm scamming you into earning some referral credits, follow the link above, then 'x' out and just go to the site proper. I want to see this thing work.



lngtimegne said...

Interesting.  I signed up earlier today and came across your blog by trolling (um, scrolling) through the blog clicker.  I have looked at a dozen and no repeats.  most look to be pretty good sites to boot.  This is the first time I have seen an AOL blog.  Heard about them, but never saw one.  I still use AOL for email (it is just too big a hassle to change the email address I have had for 10 years or more).  So, I was able to log on for your comments.

Well, hopefully blog clicker will work out and generate some cross blog visits.  My URL is  if you want to check out my site.

Good luck to you.

slapinions said...

Entry #: 5
Entry Date: 2005-01-11 09:50:59

Name: andrea
Web Site: A day in the life of Andrea Knapp
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: I had the same thing at Blog Clicker. I had both that and Blog Explosion open to click on them both at the same time and all the Blog Clicker blogs were the same ones, and it wasn't even an interesting site, it was an advertisement! Sucks.


Entry #: 4
Entry Date: 2005-01-10 07:30:19

Name: Carrie
Web Site: Inkserotica's Diary
Site Rating: 9
Visitor Comments:
I've found another blog traffic exchange at:

slapinions said...

Entry #: 2
Entry Date: 2005-01-09 23:05:34

Name: Dot Bar
Web Site: The Bitter Christian
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: If you want some helpful traffic spots, I just finished signing on with TS25 (I think it is) and I am just getting lots of hits today (it took me a few days to get how to set up my url on there). It's some work but limited to 6 days of surfing and then it looks like you can coast and reap the hits of others. Hurray! Also "Wolfsurfer" has been quite good to me. If you want, you can go to my site at the top to get through to them easily. Good luck!


Entry #: 1
Entry Date: 2005-01-09 09:32:56

Name: Lisa
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments:
Great site hun, I enjoy reading it daily! I really enjoy being  FORCED and GUILTED into signing the guest book, anyone lacking some self-confidence??

me, Mrs. Slap