Sunday, January 9, 2005

The Two-Month Anniversary

 Welcome to the two-month anniversary of Slapinions!

As part and parcel of the celebration, consider this a Pseudo-De-Lurker Day. If you're wandering in from Blog Explosion, leave a comment in the guest book (in the about me section) and let me know you stopped by, then please take the extra five seconds to rate the site.    

 Hey, what else are you going to do in thirty seconds?     

 And if you are a regular visitor, even one who receives updates via email, please drop a line and let me know what you think of the site and how often you visit. 

[FYI: the new guestbook is up and running, once again courtesy of Random]

If anyone knows of another blog traffic exchange (like BE) please let me know. As long as it's free I'll join up and you'll get some referral credits. I've tried two: Hit Safari was dominated by get rich quick sites, and ClickThru never quite worked right on my computer.          


  On January 27th I'll be participating along with more than 100 other blogs in a blogburst to remember the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, sixty years ago on January 27, 1945. Anyone wishing to participate may contact for more details.             

One of the things I like about Blog Explosion is that you have a chance to view - and therefore thank - the people who bookmark you.     

What's interesting about that group is the great diversity of it -there are conservatives and liberals, parents and single guys, and people who resist any label.

I thank them all, and hope you take a look at what they have to offer (make sure to tell them Slapinons sent you).      In no particular order:  

 Old Whig's Brain Dump
I'm a conservative/libertarian, deistic Lutheran, Objectivist, bourgeois, philistine shopkeeper who likes to point out cool things I find all over and opine about how to make life better. Sometimes I'm wrong.  

  Cao's Blog
Righteous politics. Conservative reviews of news, faith in God and other information pertinent to our lives today. Rants on liberal leftists, hollywonk & millions of Americans worshipping a supreme being whose name is not Bill Clinton.  

vandamonium's world
Just a nice place to kick back and click a few. Read about the weird, play a game, you never know.  

Often Cold
Life and commentary in Yakutat, Alaska by Fred "Oftencold," EMT, Forest Service worker, power plant opperator, sometime jail gaurd, web page author, Price Among Men and Shinning Example to Everyone.  

 Ed Adkins dot com
Youneed to laugh. I need attention. Come on down and let's work something out.  

Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative
A Wisconsin conservative comments on world, national, Wisconsin and Milwaukee area events  

 "The Roth Report"
My goal is to do a better job than the Drudge Report. I launched the "Roth Report" in Dec. 2004 to blend both breaking news from around the world and blogger commentary. I think this unique mix is the next step in the blogosphere....check it out...

I See Dead People
Here are thoughts, discoveries and investigations in the life of a professional psychic and paranormal investigator. There are interesting, eclectic links as well as reviews of recent/classic movies, books and television pertaining to the supernatural.  

 And Rightly So
Blog devoted to current events and political commentary. From a conservative point of view, I write about important issues such as education, healthcare, national defense, social security-and try to expose the liberal lies placed upon these issues.  

Aussie in the US going to graduate school. Was in Japan for seven years before this.

 Crate Obscure's DLand Page
I'm not Superman. I'm not even a George Castanza. I'm more of one of those henchmen who gets killed by the head villain in a demonstration of how his villainy is so deep that he'll even kill his own henchmen.  

  The Spiritual Home of Woo Hoo
I'm a guy who wears tights, nail varnish and occasionally eyeshadow. I make movies, tell stories, and love talking to people. I'm straight, British, reserved and well spoken. Within the walls of this blog is contained my voice, there if people need it.  

 BreakAngel : You Know My Story.
The continued diary of Fallon, a 20-year old writer from Arizona intent on burying her mundane existence behind a sometimes-brilliant facade of humor and angst. We've all got a story to tell. Don't let yours be forgotten.  

 The Apologist
Crap youcan count on. The Apologist explains what is by nature inexplicable: love, hate, ignorance, politics, religion and other people.The Apologist is the Mother Blog of Famous Author CW Fisher. Banned in China and the Red States of America.  

 the daily grind
Commentary on news from around the world  

 Football Watch
Keeping a close eye on the off the pitch behaviour of those involved in The Beautiful Game (soccer)  

.Mystic Writer
Observations of an alien to earth.

   Jen Speaks
...because I love to run off my mouth!

Poetry site - you can blog poems and diaries as well as other custom features for word lovers.  

Conservative thoughts
My thoughts on politics and news of the day. I read a lot of the high traffic sites and try not to imitate what everyone else is doing. I look high and low for interesting things to post and write about. Take a minute and visit my site.  

You Can Hear The Grass Grow
I'm a Christian with Asperger's Syndrome. This is an outlet for my somewhat twisted thoughts on religion and life in general.

 J's Daughter
A woman's battle with ovarian cancer as told by her daughter  

A blogto write my opinions and ratings on other blogs, bloggers and blogging. Feel free to add your comments too at this corner of theblogosphere.  

 Industrial Waste
A REPOSITORY OF DROSS AND TOXIC RUN-OFF. Featuring: Japanese Santas, beach-ball-sized tumors, chastity panties, third nipples and nippleslips, anal sacs terrorist muppets, boring Playboys, Donald Duck being pleasured, and various other crap.  

 Frozen Mojo
Daily trials and tribulations of a 30-something wife, mom and investor. A mixed bag of entries about everything and anything under the sun. Warning: Blogger is an optimist who loves life.  

 And Rightly So
Blog devoted to current events and political commentary. From a conservative point of view, I write about important issues such as education, healthcare, national defense, social security-and try to expose the liberal lies placed upon these issues.  

different biscuit, same tin
Curiously compelling - Like a trainwreck but without the blood. A mixpix of life, fantasy and the dreams created from living a virtual reality. Occasionally harsh, sometimes wry or funny but always 100% honest.  

 The Sporting Life
Not exclusively sports — but a life that includes them. Need more of a description? Southern, politically right-leaning, Atlanta resident, Auburn Tigers/Houston Astros/Atlanta Thrashers fan, sporadic golfer and camper, reader, writer, gay, moviegoer .  

Quotes and Other Words
Random thoughts on quotes I've collected from books I've read.  

 Strong Coffee
Struggling to Stay Awake Long Enough to Raise Kids and Evolve as a Writer  

News, politics, and the everyday life of a 30-something small town blogger. 

  NIF - News, Interesting, Funny
... items technical, scientific, humorous, political (Conservative), gadgetry-related, etc. ... Updated atleast(!) daily (except on weekends, when I get a bit lazy/busy).  

the least of my worries
Sometimes about my journey of self-discovery or my autistic son, sometimes about shoes.

  One Child Left Behind
One Child Left Behind: a little too filthy treatment of family, writing and friendship, as related through a fictional dialogue with my lovely Romanian wife. A Seattle area based writer inspired by McSweeney's, booze & geek chicks (by brandon rogers)  

GJ Willis' Art Notes
It's about the life and times of a neer do well artist living in the mean streets of Baltimore.

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