Thursday, August 18, 2005

Parker Pics and Family Update August 18th

Here's a few shots from a recent photo session of the Boy. He is, far and away, the happiest baby I've ever known - a nice change from the turmoil of Middle Child's first year and the terror of the unknown during YaYa's infancy.

He's got two teeth, as you can see, is eating cereal and some solids, and has discovered his feet. He's also a great one for laughing and a big fan of Baby Einstein videos. He rarely cries - honest and true - save when in desperate need of a bottle or a diaper change.

The Mrs. however, informs me that he does have one drawback over the girls - no matter how many times she bathes him, she claims he has definite 'boy funk'. :)

BTW, on a seperate tack - Middle Child is now about 80% potty trained, with a few #2 accidents keeping her from mastering the art. Her personality has really expanded, as has her vocal abiltiy. She's a joy to be around, 'tho she still retains a fierce temper when slighted. Not one to turn the other cheek, that girl, but at the same time she's the most generous and loving of any kid I know. The way she dotes on her brother is heartwarming.

YaYa, after spending most of the summer on our S list after endless sassiness and gigantic tantrums, seems to have turned the corner back to normalcy. The less said about that the better, so on to some more pictures:

here's one he'll make us regret posting someday, but at least I can say "Park, it didn't even convert well. You can barely tell it's you!"

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grassymeadows1 said...

he is so the last one he looks like he is a happy little one..

alphawoman1 said...

You are truly blessed. He is beautiful.

silkwarrior said...

He is adorable. I have sent your site on to my daughter to check out. She has a baby boy too and has started a blog site about him. She will love your site and your little boy to. Thank you for sharing him with us! Faira

jevanslink said...

Cute baby.  And happy too?  Boy did you luck out.  Mrs. L

slapinions said...

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Dan, I love the pictures of Parker. I think he liooks like you. It's true he is a happy and content baby.Look at all the attention and love he gets from  everyone;cousins,grandparents,Nana,Aunts,etc.

One thing I'd dsy your wrong about is I don't remember Olivia being a crabby or hard  to handle.She is always so loving,cuddley.I will give you that at times she has to stand her ground being the younger sister.

As for Yaya she may be going through a late phase of feeling everyone gives attention to the baby and to Olivia because of her potty training.She figures she'll get attention if she makes a fuss.even thoigh she does get the attention.

The pictures really got his personality. Tell them I love them.

  Love , proud Grammie

slapinions said...

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