Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quote of the Day August 18th

For a long time now YaYa has used the phrase "I love you too much!" in response to someone saying "I love you".

It's just a cute little tack-on to "I love you too" but for some reason it's always annoyed me. Why? Eh, who knows.

But today, after spending the day grocery shopping with the girls, and suitably awed by their excellent behavior, I told them I loved them 'too much".

YaYa snorted. Ever quick to point out her learnin', she decided to trump me.

"I love you eight much!" she said.



swibirun said...

Alexis used to tell me that she "Loved me more" so I upped her with "I love you to infinity"......times two!


psychfun said...

That is sooo cute. My little niece uses "I love you a million M&M's" Actually, I do also. we got it from somewhere? A movie maybe?