Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Halloween 2005 November 8th, 2005

I don't remember Halloween being all that big of a deal when I was a kid, but as a parent it's morphed into a marathon of festivities.   First there was the Halloween party at work, which I'll pass on describing due to my "you don't  . . where you eat rule"


Then came a dance at YaYa's school that the Mrs. described as "better than most of the college parties I went to" (which, I might add, is saying a lot j/k).


YaYa went as Dorothy, as the Wizard of Oz remains one of her favorite movies year after year. She almost won for best costume, but someone not nearly as smart/pretty/cool got the prize. Meanwhile Middle Child and I sat home and watched Hocus Pocus - a movie, in retrospect, that's a wee harsh for a two year old to see.


Next on the list was nighttime Trick or Treat. Long illegal in Milwaukee, there's a few neighborhoods that close off the streets and (for a per child fee) allow you to trick or treat after dark.   We've gone for three years now, and it's great - a far cry from the feeble daytime trick or treat I grew up with. YaYa had to ditch Dorothy in favor of the warmer Barney costume, but she didn't seem to mind.  Middle Child was a pro, chugging along house after house and only pooping out after 4 or 5 blocks - and garnering comments on her "Toto" costume at every stop!


 Next up: the standard daytime trick or treating.   I went against my nature and took the kids up and down a whole stretch of the neighborhood. We encountered ghosts, Grimace from McDonalds, and a host of other ghouls and goblins . .         Afterwards we just stayed home and passed out candy.     It was, of course, Parker's first Halloween. He outgrew two - TWO - costumes, but thankfully our neigbor came through with a Dalmation suit at the last minute.


Gandhi moment of the day: when we ran out of  candy with an hour left to go,YaYa volunteered to give away her own stock rather than just close up shop.  

 Anti-Gandhi's of the day: any number of folks from 'other' neighborhoods who drove their kids - sans costume, makeup, and in most cases EVEN A BAG - to plunder other areas of town.

Trick or Treat where you like, but if the parents can afford a car, they could show they care  - or pretend to - by spending a few dollars on their kids.  

 Argh, I sound like Scrooge. But it gets old after a few years, ya know?  

 Anyhow, another Happy Halloween is in the books. Next up: Thanksgiving.   Comment on this Post  (non AOL)                   View Comments


psychfun said...

So adorable! Thanks for sharing! :-)

onemoretina said...

    I wish I could remember how I found my way here, but the bottom line is, I'm just glad I did.   You've got a great site here.  Lots of interesting reading, and sweet pics, too.  I've seen your name around J-land, and now I can put a face ( and alot of good reads ) to the name.  Looking forward to a return visit.  Tina http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme

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