Friday, July 20, 2007

Barry Bonds and #755

This weekend Barry Bonds will play at Miller Park here in Milwaukee, the very town where Hank Aaron played 14 years of ball and hit #755, and hometown of Bud Selig.

There's a good chance Bonds might make this the only city in the world to host two home runs numbered #755.

I'm not happy about it of course. In a much earlier post (circa 2005) I ranted about the injustice of steroids and how it will corrode the fabric of the record books.

 I still feel the same way. I don't think Bonds accomplishment can/will ever be viewed without suspicion and wariness. It's not like he'll soar past the all-time mark and bury it; if he finished with 1000 homers I'd say "Man, it's not likely the drugs account for all 300 of the extra dingers" but if he finishes at 775 or even 800 . . .

Well its more than likely steroids account for less than 50 homeruns, even by the most conservative of estimates, don't you think?

But . .

I am very much a pragmatist and barring an act of God the record will fall. Without question Bonds has been the most feared hitter of this decade, alarmingly so, and I do believe that minus 'roids Bonds would still be a Hall of Famer (albeit with 500 or so home runs).

Does it make it right? No. Does it make it equal to Aaron and Ruth's marks? Naw.

Is it going to happen, and is it still impressive? Yes and yes.

So I'm going to swallow my bile and raise a wary but complimentary round of applause for the guy when he sets the mark.

And then I'm going to sit back and hope he gets indicted in the near future.

* * *
On the subject of historic events in baseball, in 2007 I have seen Justin Verlander no-hit the Brewers and the Phillies lose their 10,000th game (both on TV).

And I just might watch the home run record fall too (again, on TV).

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Father's Day 2007

This Father's Day the family got me a telescope off of Craigslist, a $150 value, for $20.

Mind you I've only used it once, but still, it means I can cross one thing off my 'Things I've wanted forever' list.

We didn't do a whole lot. We had my Dad and Lisa's over for dessert.


We chewed the fat for a bit, and that's about it. It was a nice, relaxed day.

Here's some random pics from the evening.

Doctor Who

Thanks to a heads-up from my Mom, I've rediscovered Dr. Who, THE GREATEST sci-fi show of all time.

When I was a kid the local PBS affiliate broadcast every existing episode in order, from the 1963 premiere on for years, each weeknight at 10 p.m. It was a nightly ritual for me and my long-suffering Grandma.

It went off the air in England in the late '80's, then came back in the new century.

Sci-Fi airs new episodes each Friday; the local PBS station now plays epiodes a few years older on Saturday nights.

Naturally, my wife thinks I'm a dork.

As for the Doctor's  . . Chris Eckelston, Doctor #9, doesn't do much for me. He's all herky-jerky expressions mingled in with dark monologues . . a little too much for me.

Doctor #10 David Tenant ROCKS. He's the perfect mix of whimsy and sarcasm, innocence and naughtiness. He's right up there - dare I say it - with the Jon Pertwee version of the Doctor.

Pregnancy Pic

This pic, of my very pregnant wife, was taken on Fathers Day.

As this is the 'official' pregnancy portrait, or as near as we shall come, and thus will be viewed my children in the years to come, I regret the necessity to say . . .

That this shot really, really, REALLY makes me hot. 


Great America June 1st

For LuLu's fourth (and Golden) birthday we took her down to Gurnee to Six Flags Great America.

Let it be known that I itch at the thought of setting foot in the place: crowds and chaos and roller coasters.


But that's because I'm a kook, and in recognition of said fact I consented to go.

I'm sure it was worse for Lis, being 7 months pregnant at the time.

We started off with the nearest ride, the massive Merry Go Round inside the gates.

Park, as you'll note, was harnessed for the day, one of the best Dang inventions for children EVER.

Doesn't seem like he enjoyed the ride, but I promise ya he did.

With Lis out of the picture it was up to me to share the rides with the kids. Yikes.

Here's a shot of the kids with Pepe Le Pew (sp?)

Tho' Lis took a turn on some easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy infant rides.

The kids enjoyed Wiggles World and the characters they met.


As the morning wore on we attended a stage show featuring Bugs Bunny. At the end my kids were invited onstage for a minute.

Then it was off to a picnic lunch in the parking lot.

After lunch it was off to the water park at Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor. Thankfully the idea of putting large amounts of water near my camera prevented any topless pics of myself (huzzah!).

Sadly for the kids we had misjudged the closing time of the water park and only had about 15 minutes in the water - we had spent a lot of time after lunch waiting in line for and riding a roller coaster twice - tho' it was long enough for YaYa to run off and ride some massive slides without telling me where she was going.

[btw - for the record we truly misjudged the time. Yes, I have a well-established distrust of having my kids around water after seeing a double-drowning incident [curse that day]but I did not sabotage this trip]

After closing the water park we went on a few more rides, one of which made me very nauseous. It was just a carnival ride, but we rode it twice and  . . well, I almost made it. But then I stepped foot inside the men's room and the decrepit stench of an amusement park men's room cause me to launch my lunch into the nearest toilet.

[This is not a photo of said ride]


Anyhow, storm clouds began to gather. We went shopping for souvenirs and then paid to have a park-taken photo printed when . . .

The sky broke open and it poured. And poured. And poured. Trust me, this pic doesn't even hint at what was to come.

It was obvious the parade would be canceled for the evening and the rides shut down, so with decorum and class - unlike the FIBS who ran like ninny's as if it was acid falling down - we retreated to the car.

Where we sat, drenched to the bone, until both the worst of the storm and the traffic dissipated.

You know what, it was a really fun day and a great way for my Lu to celebrate her 4th birthday!

My Celebrity Matches

An employee of mine showed me her myspace account  (or more honestly, used my laptop to test out a song she added to her page).

From her site I caught wind of some face-recgonition software that 'compares' your pic to those of 'similar' celebrities.

Here's my results:

I'm all well and good with the Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger comparasions, even if the former is driven primarily?? by the sunglasses, but Jimmy Stewart? Michael Dukakis?
Howard Dean?
Couldn't they have at least found some Republicans for me?