Monday, October 13, 2008

Made of Honor

In Made of Honor Patrick Dempsey plays Tom, a rich Casanova who enjoys a long-term and (surprisingly) platonic relationship with his best friend Hannah, played by Michelle Monaghan. When Hannah returns from a trip to Scotland with a fiance in hand Tom realizes what he's always known - that his feelings for Hannah go far beyond mere friendship. Despite being chosen as her Maid of Honor he sets out to win the woman of his dreams before its too late.

I thought this was a charming movie and an absolute pleasure to watch.

It's a rare treat to see a romantic comedy where the cinematography make you say 'I wish I'd seen it on the big screen' but Made of Honor fits the bill. Grand views of the Scottish countryside are a treat on the eyes, as is the New York presented on screen. It's bright, carefree, and devoid of any trace of despair, a fantasy world where you can not only drive your own car in Manhattan but find a parking spot whenever you like.

Fairy Tale Big Apple aside, the actors bring a sense of honest and complex emotion to their roles. You never get the feeling they are just reciting lines, and at times, watching Dempsey do a fine update of the Carey/Hugh Grant persona you wonder why McDreamy was absent from the screen for so long.

[check out the late great Sydney Pollack in his role as Tom's Dad. He delivers a great line when encouraging his son to pursue Hannah:

Tom: (quoting)If you love something, set it free.

Dad: Said by a pu**y and repeated by pu**ies ever since. Go after her! ]

Drawbacks? I think the Highland Games and picture perfect fiance were a bit over the top, and the finale was certainly a chiched staple of the genre.

But who cares? Easily the best romantic comedy I've seen in awhile.

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