Saturday, November 1, 2008

The demise of AOL Journals & The Skateboard


That's what you get when you try to view the original Slapinons site, home to this blog for just shy of four years. It's a shame, and I'll miss it. RIP.

I'm very annoyed at AOL. You might have picked up on my absence here for much of the last week. About the time of YaYa's birthday I realized that about 1000 of my blog's pictures - 1021 to be exact - failed to move over to Blogger.

That meant I had to download the pictures, one by one, from AOL Hometown, then upload them all to Photobucket, then go spreading the new html around the site like pixie dust. I managed to save all the pictures but didn't get them on the site in time. No worry, really. The erroneous code is still in place, and so when I find an entry with a big red 'x' I just adjust the code.

Still, what a pain.

* * * *

The other week some workers left behind a trio of skateboards. With the business owner's permission I took one home, intending to keep it for an older Smiley. But the kids caught wind of it and wanted to try it out. They weren't very good at it and could barely get it moving (unless they held onto my hand as I walked alongside).







It was a beautiful evening. Sorry about all the blurry/grainy pics, but my camera phone isn't exactly the best in low-light.





Dawn said...

Adorable pics... and yes, AOhell does suck.

be well...

Joyce said...

Boy, can you see your kids growing before you eyes? They sure are great looking young'uns. And yes, AOL bites.
Hugs, Joyce

Estela said...

love the pics, hate aol. :)

Rose said...

Love your pictures.

We are all very upset with AOL..........

Hugs, Rose

Jeanne said...

Love the pictures....

Sorry, I like aol, but what do I know...LOL;