Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Guy, Dick Van Patten, and Undecided Voters

The election is a mere 24 hours away, and by now I hope you've made up your mind, one way or another. This thing has dragged on longer than Oprah's version of Beloved ,and we've all had plenty of time to draw our own take on both the issues and the character of the candidates involved.

That said, barring the chaos that is life, I intend to post an appeal to voters here later today.

Meanwhile, I thought you'd enjoy the following Family Guy assault on the IQ of undecided voters (which, naturally, I do not endorse ;). As much as I love it Family Guy is your typical product of the Hollywood Left, and so the intended target would seem to be the GOP. It's funny even so, but now that I think about it the phenomenon in the clip seems strangely . . . Obama like, no?

Hat tip to And Rightly So!

And on a non-political, and certainly non-politically correct, subject, here's their take on the TV show Eight is Enough. I didn't see where it was going until after the fact, and it-is-sooooooo-wrong. Don't watch it more than once. I promise you, on the second go-round you'll just feel dirty.

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Beth said...

The undecided voters thing is hilarious! Except the constant mention of 9/11 made me think more of Giuliani!