Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just a mish-mash of gloom

You'll have to forgive the (relative) shortage of posts. I have no less than 20 in the 'draft' folder, but it's hard to post about cheerful or even ordinary events when you're down in the dumps.

Not much has gone right lately. Argh, not true. Take away the job situation and it's no worse/no better than a 'normal' week, but perspective is everything, and mine is dark right now.

* My cell phone was dropped in the sink last night, rendering it useless, and althought it was replaced today at no charge (by renewing the contract) none of my contact numbers could be recovered. I usually keep copies of the data off-phone, but this time . . . what can I say, I got lazy.

* Smiley has yet another ear infection. It's horribly par for the course for him, so much so that he doesn't even complain about them anymore. Here again perspective is everything, because the doc says the number of infections is greatly reduced in the last year, but my mind says the opposite.

* A friend of mine came into town with news that his wife had moved out but left their dog, and while he was at my house he received word that he was going to be laid off this weekend. Add a beer into the mix and you have a country song.

Enough of the negative. Wednesday's interview called back and wants to meet with me next week. It sounds promising, so I'll wait with fingers crossed. I have an interview with a different company downtown this Friday.

YaYa's taken to reading this blog, which is good and bad. It means I'll have to censor the blog more - not for language, but for content like Xmas gifts and whatnot - and that sucks. On Saturday I established a seperate Blogger account for her and set up her own blog, although I was careful to restrict it to invited readers only. Hopefully that'll take her attention off Slapinions.

Otherwise . . . well, I'll try to get the gumption to post later and clear out that 'draft' folder.

Talk to you then,



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that there is a call back and another new interview on Friday. Knock'em dead.

Beth said...

Good luck on the interviews this week!! [fingers crossed!]

DB said...

It sounds like my week, but look up you've got interviews. DB

Bridgett said...

Well, despite all the 'not-so-good' stuff in this entry, I also saw some sparks of light. :)

Good luck with your interviews!

Oh, by the way, on this autism journey with my son, I've discovered that the bulk of chronic ear infections are caused by food allergies/sensitivities. Just something to think about....

Hang in there.


Jeanne said...

Hang in there, and you are getting interviews, thats great....

I know once, a while back, I was laid off, didn't get any interviews even after sending out 100 or more resumes...

So, Go get them,

and now you have a new phone, all isn't that bad :)

Joann said...

OK, I'm feeling worse for your friend now... you've got promising interviews and you still have your family. I do hope all gets better for you very soon, Dan!!

Take Care!

abuecker said...

Cool about YaYa and the blog. I'm sure Anna would love to read it.

As far as life goes....it will get better and I am sure your charm will knock someone's socks off.