Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kate Winslet, Voting, and a Simple yet devious Plan

I took LuLu and voted this afternoon. There was no line to speak of and it all went smoothly.

Mind you, I didn't have to show ID or for that matter even spell out my complete eleven letter last name. I got through 'slap' before they found me on the printout. The election workers themselves then volunteered my first name, I concurred that yup, I am Daniel, and they handed me a ballot. I really don't understand how you need two forms of ID to get a library card in this city but, in theory, any of you could have walked in and voted in my place without knowing my first name or most of my last.

Eh, a fight for another day.

Of the six non-Presidential offices up for grabs on the ballot, five were fully uncontested and the sixth faced token opposition from a gay/lesbian party. Whatever problems this city might have - oh, and there's a bunch - Republicans are completely absolved from blame, since they don't even get a whiff of elected office in Milwaukee. Sad.

I'll confess to waffling on the park tax at the last minute, convinced by a wife who argued that the chance for reviving the parks was worth the risk. I think it was all a bit too Capra-esque, but she's right; I guess the parks are worth the risk.

So while I think I'll regret doing so, I voted 'yes' when faced with the ballot.

Fear not, there was no way in hell I was voting anything but 'no' on the silly sick leave referendum, and that decision held.

* * * *

On a COMPLETELY different topic, Vanity Fair has a series of stunning photographs of Kate Winslet, the best actress of this generation and a crush of mine since before Titanic.



Here's the deal. Someday I intend to write a bestselling novel that will be made into a blockbuster movie. At my insistence the New Kids will do the title song, Donnie Wahlberg will have a part, Ben Afleck will star and Kate Winslet will have the female lead. Thus Lisa and I will get to meet our respective crushes personally.

A simple plan, no?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad your voting went smoothly. Nice pictures :o)

abuecker said...

Hey, I'm with you on the ridiculousness of not requiring ID when you vote - wish our state legislators would get their heads out of thier butts on that issue - same day voter registration too.

I heard that YaYa's class had some changes in votes from last week to this week. Interesting!

Jeanne said...

I agree with a picture ID, we are spending money now after the fact to make sure the ballets are good....

On the Park issue, I strongly agree with your arguments, but I’m stronger on sales tax....Tennessee doesn’t have Income tax only sales tax. I don't like income tax, or property tax, it selects who to tax....Even renters need to pay the property tax thru higher rent….But subsidized renters really don’t…

Older people, people on aid all have to buy something, they can help pay the tax with a sales tax. People who come to visit the city will also help pay the tax with a sales tax....It is the only kind of tax I can kind of control...Buy a 200.00 coat or a 20.00 dollar coat...

Anyway, I’m glad that your mind was changed…