Thursday, November 6, 2008

Overall, a crappy day. But good things too.

I'd like to point out, purely in good humor, that when I announced that my dream of writing a newspaper column came true the post garnered only four comments, while a one sentence blurb about a dead author spawned eight :)

Don't fret - it was a much more vocal reaction than that of my family. Only Lisa seemed genuinely happy for me, and much love to her for that.

Work - the work that pays the bills - is on a downward spiral in the last six weeks. It's part panic, part increased competition, part seasonal downturn, and partly the result of the current economic climate.

Someday I'll tell the tale of the crazy layoff that took place today. Nothing like being ordered to get rid of the sister of your second-in-command/good friend. It certainly won't kill morale, seeing as she was only one of three sisters employed there and one of the most popular over the course of her decade long service. Nope, won't affect morale at all.

Certainly won't make me even more vilified then ever. Silly to even think so.

On a more positive front I've received three letters now from the Journal . This Sunday a blurb describing each of the new writers will appear in the paper, and mine was so bare bones it looked clipped from a 'Dick and Jane' book. So I had them change that, and on Tuesday I have to have my photograph taken for publication and sign a freelance agreement with the paper.

They said that the two contest submissions can be used as our first pieces, but I slammed out both of them in the two hours before the deadline. I don't have a bleepin clue what the subjects were, much less if they were worthy of publication (although they say they beat out the work of more than 70 unsuccessful applicants). Long and the short of it, only God knows what my first published work will look like :)

A later email came in describing the nuts and bolts of the gig, which will include public "feedback [that]can be caustic". The letter also flat-out states that no one will be allowed to or asked to stay on past the one-year term of the deal, under any circumstances.

Fine by me. I'm just happy for the opportunity.


Estela said...

Dan, I am so sorry that I didn't congratulate you earlier. I plead pre-occupation with the election. I think it's very exciting that you will have a chance to write editorials. I take it that you will be rotating with other authors? Sorry about the bizarre lay-off at work. Unfortunately I don't think the powers that be worry too much about morale after a lay-off. Hope today is better. and again Congrats!

jeanne said...

Sorry about the crappy day and the lay offs.

I'm happy about the chance to write editorials....

I just think it is crappy that they will not hire you on after the year is over...

What is the reason for that crap?

alphawoman said...

Congrats! The beginning of "I knew him when...."

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Well I know how difficult it is to get a 'job' writing anywhere, for any reason that pays. (Even if they give you 10 dollars a spot) So, well done, I think thats fantastic and it will certainly help your future credits.
As for work itself, I'm sorry to read about that downward spiral. It's been tough all over and the word 'layoff' is starting to sound like an insane plague thats hit the nation.


You have a writing job.......thats damn cool.

Slapinions said...

From an email:

Dear (May I call you Slappy?),

With regards to the local paper, that agreement is more to relieve the anxiety of the guest writers. If they like you, trust me they can and often do make exceptions. I believe they would make an exception to keep such a well versed, intelligent and down to earth individual such as yourself on their editorial staff.

As an old friend and witness to many examples of your writing skill, the local paper would be foolish not to entertain keeping you for work beyond the inital agreement.

I look forward to your first "by line."

Your friend of many years, Tre

Rlopez said...

Wow, I think I might take that as a compliment. Well, at least my demise can be told with one hell of a story. (I know it got your blood pressure up. lol) Good luck!

megryphon said...

Caustic comments from the public? Do these people know how long you've been blogging? lol

Seriously, though, I think that you deserve more comments than a dead author, even if he did get a few novels published.

;^) Jan the Gryphon