Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slapinions 4th anniversary, the Jonas Brothers, Texas Tech, Fantasy Football, and more

Lo and behold, the 4th anniversary of this blog came and went the other day and I didn't even post about it. How 'bout that?

* * * *

While I refuse to officially surrender I think I'm about done in my fantasy league. I took another rough loss this past week thanks to Maurice Jones-Drew, dropping me to 3-6 and 9th place in the league. That just doesn't = playoff contender.

Bay View SlapJacks 3-6-VS. pull my finger 5-4-0

Pos Player Actual
QB Peyton Manning
(Ind - QB) 23.00
WR Braylon Edwards
(Cle - WR) 1.50
WR Hines Ward
(Pit - WR) 11.60
WR Marvin Harrison
(Ind - WR) 3.70
RB Jamal Lewis
(Cle - RB) 16.40
RB Kevin Faulk
(NE - RB) 1.80
TE Zach Miller
(Oak - TE) 4.20
K David Akers
(Phi - K) 7.00
DEF Indianapolis
(Ind - DEF) 16.00
Total 85.20

Pos PlayerActual
QB Chad Pennington
(Mia - QB) 10.07
WR Andre Johnson
(Hou - WR) 6.60
WR Dwayne Bowe
(KC - WR) 7.20
WR Plaxico Burress
(NYG - WR) 9.70
RB Ronnie Brown
(Mia - RB) 14.60
RB Maurice Jones-Drew
(Jac - RB) 33.10
TE Owen Daniels
(Hou - TE) 1.30
K Jason Elam
(Atl - K) 10.00
DEF Tennessee
(Ten - DEF) 13.00
Total 105.57

* * * *

I've watched Texas Tech two weeks in a row and count me impressed. An Alabama-Texas Tech BCS title game would be a fun evening.

* * * *

Work sucks.

* * * *

Sunday was a pretty lousy day. After all that trouble over the baptism certificate we overslept and missed YaYa's religion class ["Why didn't you set an alarm?!" Lisa said. "I didn't think we need one. When's the last time anyone in this house slept past eight?"]

The Journal's print edition ran with the crappy blurb. I was so annoyed I wanted to throw out the clipping but LuLu, of all people, strongly objected. She seems very proud of me. Meanwhile, not so much as a peep from my family about the (admittedly ick) appearance. But, to be fair, I'm irked at them and therefore probably blowing their silence out of proportion.

My Godmother's husband did see it and wrote to wish me well.

[Today I go to have my picture taken and to sign the freelance agreement.]

Then, in the evening Lisa reported that her purse and keys had been stolen from a locker at work. At the end of the day they were found in another woman's locker, but I'm told it was all innocent and so . . .ok. I'm just happy it was found.

* * *
YaYa's becoming a fan of the Jonas Brothers. Track 2 is ok, but track 5, 'Lovebug' is pretty damn good. Catchy, nostalgic, and unique while still recognizable.


Jeanne said...

sorry to hear of the fantasy league doing badly

I think its great that you get your picture taken and a line in the paper.....

Never happened to me and never happened to lots of others, so its a good thing..

Have a great day

Bernadette said...

LOL..so you've hit the "Jo-Bros" phase too, eh?! :) it does get a little bit easier to listen to as they grow up...a little bit.

There's something awry with this football season...it's becoming a total toss up on who wins. Some of those trades in the last few years are starting to pay off for the underdog teams.
....if it makes you feel any better, Chris isn't doing well in his FFLeague. He's even worried his Eagles are going to ditch Reid this year.

So will we get to see these pictures when your articles come out?