Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Smiley meets Spongebob Squarepants!

Last Saturday, in the midst of our shopping trip, we discovered Spongebob Squarepants was visiting our local WalMart. Once upon a time YaYa was a big fan. She has since toned it down to 'casual fan', but Smiley has gladly taken up the baton. When the show comes on you can hear him trying to sing along to the theme song at the top of his voice, and for the longest time one of his only successful phrases was 'punge-ob', which even now he'll yell out with glee.




[note: wow. I guess, seeing the results above, that I'll now email my pics directly to Photobucket from my phone. They turn out much better.]


** * *

That day was also the end of the summer-like conditions that had lingered into November. The Lump is notorious for hating any and all hats/hoods/hair doodads/etc, and so we had to splurge and get a Lump-proof hat to keep her warm.


By the end of the day she'd discovered a way to pull it off. Serves us right for thinking we could outsmart a baby.


Joann said...

The pics are ADORABLE!!! OK, QUESTION: Would Smiley have ANY interest in a FREE SpongeBob sleeping bag. It's brand new, I'd bought it years ago for my friend's child, but she'd already bought him one, so this one is still in the original packaging, and I can't find ANYONE who still likes spongebob... LOL!!

Let me know, I'll ship it over free!


Jeanne said...

Love the pictures and Lumps hat is adorable..

Estela said...

When Kendra was a baby she hated shoes... that girl could twist her feet and ball up those toes to the point we couldn't get a pair on her. Thank goodness for the soft bootees JCPenney had at that time! Hope Lump gets over her hat aversion before the snow falls. :)