Monday, November 17, 2008

Some people get a tatoo . . .

Some people, when they encounter an unexpected change in their life, deal with it by getting a tattoo, having an affair, finding Jesus, or in any number of ways.

Me? I shaved my goatee.


I'd promised Lisa, oh so many years ago, that I'd consent to shaving it off once every five years. I did it for our wedding, and once around the turn of the century. By my reckoning I was a few years past due and I figured, "What the hell."

I disappeared into the basement bathroom and reappeared with the sudden recollection that the kids' dimpled chins come via my genes.

The kids reacted to the 'new' me with laughter. LuLu fought off her giggles long enough to say 'You're ugly!" (charming girl). YaYa, being a little more couth, said she prefers it this way. Smiley doesn't seem to care but found it funny, and Lump looked confused for a minute before heaving up her shoulders and thinking 'Hey, I'm one. Everything is confusing. Move along.'




I'm not saying I 'hate' my cleanshaven face, but it's been a shock. You'd think a 6'2" 350# man would have known he had a double chin, but I always assumed it was an shadow cast by the beard ;)

Seriously though, I do have girly lips and when I smile I look, Honest to God, like the bleepin' Joker, which is disconcerting to the residents of Gotham.

My skin reacted horribly, not having seen the light of day nor the touch of a razor for nearly a decade, but that'll pass if I keep up the look.




What did Lisa say? She was shocked. She said I looked nice, but that she prefers the goatee.

Will I keep it up? Who knows. We'll wait and see.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Nice eyes, Nice hair, but I agree, stay with the facial hair (he says as a 7 year goatee wearer :o)

Jeanne said...

Love the pictures, I too laughed like LuLu but like YaYa said I like it better...Nice eyes and you can tell were Smiley gets his good looks from. My better half likes it too :)

Beth said...

Ken and Jeanne are right--you DO have nice eyes! What's up with channeling Dr. Evil? ;)

Joann said...

You are SO FUNNY!!! You look great, I think you resemble Jay Leno a little, but that's just me!!

Estela said...

I also think you look a bit like Jay Leno. Okay, so.. I think I like you better without the goatee. You look a lot nicer, because now your eyes are the focus.

Bernadette said...

OMG. I LMAO @ those pics!

You're like my brother, you look good with a goatee...not many guys can pull it off well.

I like clean shaven look but I think the goatee gives you character.

You do have great eyes and lips! LMAO @ the 'tease' picture with the pinky.

...BTW....there's something for you over at my blog.

megryphon said...

Maybe you could go for mutton-chops next time?

Kids always seem to be confused by a change in facial hair. When my boy was about 6 or 7, he "found" my husband's graduation photo. "That's not my daddy," he exclaimed. "My daddy has a mustache!"

;^) Jan the Gryphon

Sarah said...

oh my GOD! who are you?????

abuecker said...

Ok, the first picture of you reminds me of Jay Leno....

Laura said...

I laughed at the Dr. Evil shots, too! And then I went "awww", but in a sad way, in response to Lisa liking you better WITH facial hair...since she wanted you to shave it and all.
I think you look handsome either way. This way really does emphasize your lovely eyes!


Leigh said...

But a tattoo would be fun!!!
You look very good without the facial hair, but I have to agree with Lisa, and the others, grow it back.
That's good news about the kids grades.(I'm running two comments together)
:) Leigh

Fred Oftencold said...

You look lees Polish and More Latin, oddly enough.

You also look much younger.

Oddly, you alos look like a younger Jay Leno somehow. Ah! I see others have noticed this!

The poses make you look like sometig else[rhymes with "day,"] but since I know you are happily married and have fathered children, I am willing to coinede that this is probably an optical illusion.

Whether you grow the bear back or not should depend of courst On Mrs. Slapinons opinion.