Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Titanic at the Milwaukee Public Museum

Some time ago I wrote about YaYa's fascination with Titanic, both the ship and the movie. It's a passion both Lisa and I share and I'm glad YaYa's kept up her interest in it.

As a stroke of good fortune her interest coincided with the arrival of a major Titanic exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. The exhibit features real artifacts from the wreck, a large mock up of the iceberg that doomed her, full room recreations of passenger cabins, and a 3000 pound section of the actual hull.

Lisa and I want to go, but with current finances . . .luckily YaYa's Godfather had already announced he'd take her as a birthday gift.


When you arrive you are given a boarding pass and assume the identity of an actual passenger.


The trio spent all day at the exhibit and the museum, and I was pleased the follow-up reports indicated good and friendly behavior on behalf of my first born. Her Godfather's a good guy and I'm glad they get along.

They were all a tad, well, not disappointed in but not overjoyed with the exhibit. Her Godfather and his wife have seen a major Titanic exhibit in Florida, so take that into account, but YaYa left with some complaints of her own.

Some advertising - the website included - stated that perfume samples recovered from the wreck would be at the museum. If they were, they didn't see them, and she'd been looking forward to it. They also commented on the nickel-and-dime aspect of the show. Museum admission, exhibit admission, $6 for a audio tour, separate charges for the accompanying shows, and a slightly macabre gift shop that offered pieces of the ship's coal supply incorporated into fashion jewelry; well that all left a slightly mercenary taste in their mouth.


At the end you are told whether or not your persona survived. YaYa, as pediatrician Alice Leader, lived. While her Godfather's wife survived, he himself was not so lucky. As a second class passenger he perished; but as a priest he went down a hero, helping others into lifeboats and offering absolution to the doomed.

One last thing: her Godfather bought her a teddy bear dressed as the ship's captain.

YaYa named him Captain Tit - pronounced like it looks - 'short for Titanic'. We have since convinced her to change the name :)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad Ya-Ya had a good time and got a new bear :o)

Bridgett said...

Actually sounds fun!
I wouldn't mind seeing that exhibit.

And I'm cracking up about Captain Tit, btw. LOL


Jeanne said...

It thinks its great that a Godfather would take yaya and spend the day at the museum....

I'm sure she enjoyed it...

Dave said...

"Some advertising - the website included - stated that perfume samples recovered from the wreck would be at the museum."

I attended the exhibit yesterday and saw the perfume samples. They were displayed in a case that had airholes, though I didn't check to see if there was actually a scent emitting from them or not.

Anonymous said...

You can smell the perfume. It's easy to miss in the corner near the wall of names. I am sorry you were disappointed, as I thought it was wonderful and heard the same from many people.