Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The idea of blogging lately . . .

Let me be frank with you all: right now I'm darn sick and tired of this blog.

It's strictly collateral damage, an incidental symptom of three weeks of strong emotions related to the lay-off. I've kept it all under wraps with a pretty deep facade of 'Man up', but the idea of laying any emotional insights onto paper, er, onto the screen just makes me . . I guess ill is as accurate a word as any.

The posts you've seen recently are 'scheduled' posts, items I wrote in the past and stored for occasions when I'd be away from the keyboard for a spell.

I've even put off writing a third article for the Journal, which is a g*ddam* disgusting shame, and one I intend to correct before the weekend. Although in my defense, it might speed up the process if I actually saw the other pieces in print between now and the end of the decade.

Ok, so jobs . . well, I can't say much. I've been interviewing hard (three in one day Monday), and there *is* some definitive progress. But even on that subject my blogging is stymied because confidentiality requests preclude me from yapping about it. So that'll have to wait.

I promise I'll try hard to catch the blogging bug in the next few days.

* * * *

Snow's returned to Milwaukee, and while that sucks in a thousand ways it's a plus in one: once the cold hit the biking stopped, and when you added in the binging post-layoff well, that ol' winter coat was feeling a wee snug. Now that I've picked up some new activity shoveling and prepping the yard for winter I've dropped a few pounds. The coat fit just fine earlier today.

[I actually dug holes for and planted 75 tulip/daffodils bulbs as a snowstorm was starting, which was flat-out dumb gardening. Then again, the plants might never bloom, but at least the bulbs won't sit in the shed as food stock for mice this winter.]


Anonymous said...

Hi there Dan, sorry to read you are a bit fed up....but it is onlet natural whith what you have gone through this year what with one thing and another....Just Hang on in will pass....sooner rather than later for you I hope.
As always Loved teh photo's of the is amazing how they are growing up!! They will be beginning to get excited now about Xmas !!
Love for now Sybil x

Estela said...

I still have bulbs to plant too. EEKS! I hope it's not too late yet.

Bridgett said...

I have faith you'll find a job soon. But I understand the 'illness', so to speak. We're haning on by our itsy bitsy fingernails right now.

You're not alone.

Head up!


ADB said...

It's a good idea to let off steam every once in a while - being laid off is a bad experience and I hope you get a new job very soon.