Sunday, January 11, 2009

The all-encompassing sports post

TWO sports posts in a row. Aren't you lucky?

The BCS championship

I could care less about either of the teams involved, but I was rooting for Oklahoma. Why? First, Tim Tebow, while an excellent human being, gets on my nerves. His mobility destroyed Oklahoma, true, but to me all it does is highlight the dramatic difference between college and the pros. That would never, ever, fly in the NFL, and dang nabbit, if I'm going to waste my lifespan caring about a game between two teams I care nothing about, I want to at least pretend its a close proximity to professional grade.

Second, if Oklahoma had won we'd be spared the cries of 'See, Texas shoulda been there!'. Memo to Texas fans: you barely, by the skin of your teeth and with seconds to spare, managed to knock off Ohio State. The Big Ten - and I love ya, don't get me wrong - is weak right now, and the Buckeyes weren't even the cream of their crop. You weren't gonna take out Florida, no sir, not this year.

Fantasy Football:

I depended too much of the over-rated Browns and finished 9-4. Next question.

Brett Favre:

The Wisconsin man-love for Brett has abated somewhat on the heels of his disastrous collapse in the last quarter of the season. By 'somewhat' I mean you can now safely mention his name in conversation without genuflecting first.

Unlike their brethren in the Dairy State the NY press was less than kind after the season, opening a whole can of whoop ass on the man once the Jets failed to make the playoffs. They were so harsh that, God forbid, I began to actually feel sorry for the goof.

I don't know why they're mad. He did what he does better than anyone in history - throw interceptions.

Enjoy the 'will he/won't he retire' argument New York.

The Packers

Well, I said last year they were playing above their talent level, and sadly it looks like I was right.

6-10, poorly coached at times and porous on defence. The only bright spots were Woodson and Aaron Rodgers (4000 plus yards, 28 TD, 13 INT).

The Bucks

Still sub-500 but playing strong and visibly well-coached. Whether they're playoff bound remains to be seen.

The NFL Playoffs

Proof not only of a god, but of multiple deities: the Baltimore-Titans game where the ball apparently danced to the tune of Loki's whims. Tennessee was just not destined to win.

So who do I think will go on to the SuperBowl? I'd like to see a Pittsburgh - Arizona game with a Cardinals victory.

Since that's what I'd like, I'm sure it won't happen. If Philly gets in I'll root for whoever represents the AFC; if Arizona is in, I'm with them all the way.

* * *

What are your thoughts?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am hoping for Philly - AZ, with my rooting for AZ :o)

Beth said...

Yeah, I'd probably go for AZ, too, because Edgerrin plays for them and I still have a soft spot for Edgerrin.

But I'm so disgusted with the playoffs that I don't care all that much. Ken's team (da Bears) didn't even make the playoffs. My team, the Colts, were knocked out in the first round. Then I was cheering for the Titans. Out. Next? Eli and the Giants. Out.


Sybil said...

I was thinking LUCKY !!!! sport report twice over !!!

Can't give my thoughts on something I have no knowledge of !!!

Love for now Sybil xx

Bridgett said...

I couldn't stand the BCS National Championship teams either.

Hell, WV creamed Oklahoma last year in the Fiesta Bowl...I wasn't surprised Flordia creamed them this year.

I can't stand either quarterback and think they're both incredibly overrated.

As for the Superbowl?

Hmmm....all my teams are out, so I could seriously give a hoot who's in it. LOL I do like Philly I'll go with them to win. :)

jeanne said...

I'm not real interested in sports, except when it comes to Brett....I'm so feed up with the will he or won't he type of thing....I would like to try that when I was working...I will retire, I will not retire, it just would not fly..

Bernadette said...

:) so long as philly makes it in and I don't have to listen to another year of Chris complaining about how they *just missed* the bowl....I'll be happy.

it was all over for me when the Colts lost :( ...hey, at least I can drink and not worry about passing out halfway through ;)