Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Teddy Bear Band

In the lead up to Christmas a friend of our friend Chris came into town with her daughter. While I spent the day at work they baked scads of Christmas cookies and then, on the advice of this FOAF (friend of a friend), they headed downtown to see a Christmas lights program.

Except the FOAF, for all her good intentions, got the date, price, and location of the event wrong.


So they wound up at Grand Avenue Mall watching the Teddy Bear band do Christmas carols.


I guess they had a good time even with the change in plans.



Jeanne said...

Love the teddy bears singing, old but cute...Looks like they had a great time...

DB said...

From the looks on the faces it seems they had a grand time. DB

Bridgett said...

Hey, the Teddy Bear Band looks like a great time! :)