Thursday, January 15, 2009

That '70's Coat

I'd be posting more, but my computer has suffered several 'severe' failures and now seems held together with tape and string. Even when it's running 'well' it's only . . .adequate I guess. Better than nothing, though. Given that it's older than LuLu, I think that it's high time we get a new one this year :)

* * * *

When my parents were forced to move from my childhood home this past summer I was one of the last folks charged with clearing out 75 years worth of memories from the attic.

Hanging in a closet, untouched for thirty years or so, were two winter coats that had once belonged to my sisters. I scooped them up for my girls.


In these pictures LuLu is modelling one of the two jackets, the one she's been wearing around town as of late. It seems to be of exceptional quality and looks and 'wears' brand new.

[The other coat was quite dated - two different shades of light blue with a very '70's flair - and had some matting and age-damage. It probably should have been left behind, if I hadn't been in some a sentimental mood, so it won't be making an appearance here]

You can argue that the coat is proof that things were made better 'back then'. I think it has more to do with being a sad reminder that, for a minute, my parents were decently well-off and could afford fine clothing for their kids.

From the time I was five or six (~1979) that was no longer the case, and these jackets were taken out of circulation and replaced with the standard issue K-Mart stock that was our lifeblood from then on.

I'd like to have a guarantee that history isn't repeating itself, given the recent financial blows, but all I can do is keep plugging away and not lose sight of the goals I've set for this family.



Jeanne said...

Love the coats, and things will turn around so just hang in there

gryphondear said...

At least your folks didn't hand-me-down that coat to you.

btw, my sister sent me this URL that you might enjoy when your 'puter is in better shape.

;^) Jan the Gryphon

Beth said...

That's a pretty cool coat. Vintage is "in," so LuLu is on the cutting edge of fashion!

Sybil said...

It's such a gorgeous coat..almost as gorgeous as the one who is wearing it !! Do wish I coudl magic up a job for you and then a new computer ! ut until that happens I can only keep you all in my prayers..
Loev to you all Sybil xx

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Many years yet to go, so I know you will get another good job and things will be OK. Love the coat.

Bridgett said...

That coat looks incredible! Very stylish too.


Anonymous said...

I think those coats look better than 95% of the ones I have seen new lately, and the girls look adorable.

DB said...

The only good thing about having lived through depression, unemployment, lack is that if it all comes around again you won't be fooled like a lot of people will be.

My family fell into poverty when I was 6. We never got out of it but we learned to live anyway.


Bernadette said...

That coat is adorable! Awesome that it was in such good condition!

I remember going from labels to clothes with the labels cut out. It was hard but we made it just the same, minus designer labels. I happen to think that you have an amazing family...and growing up with the love that you and Lisa provide them is worth far more than anything you can ever buy them.

Things will look up soon. *When we're flat on our backs there is nowhere to look but up.*

You take care and take it easy.