Tuesday, January 6, 2009



This is a wooden replica (?) of a shrunken head, or monster, or something, that I saw at an estate sale in November. I wanted it but balked at the price. I later reconsidered but returned to find it had already been sold.

Since that day:

1. I had a (feather-light, no damage to anyone) fender bender. That day, actually.
2. My dishwasher, my pride and joy, broke and was unrepairable.
3. The hand rail on my steps fell out of the wall - the joys of a 118 year old house!
4. The Aspire was towed and scrapped (see prior posts)
5. The Escort's suspension broke down
6. The knob on my dryer broke off
7. The kids kicked in the speakers on my big-screen TV, rendering it useless.
8. The TV in the kids area finally kicked the bucket
9. The Packers finished with a sub-500 record
10. David Tenant announced he was leaving Doctor Who after the 2010 season

I thought bad things happen to you once you BUY the evil idol, not when you pass it up. :)


Bridgett said...

Yikes. Looks like you should have forked over the 75 cents. LOL


Jeanne said...

You sure did have a bad day...wow...

Ya think you should have purchased that thing? lol

gryphondear said...


Look at the bright side, maybe all these bad things were side effects of your guardian angel trying to keep that evil thing from doing you worse harm for "rejecting" it. Y'know, a real, personal injury car accident happens in any or all of the cars. Someone breaks their neck on the stairs. The tv actually implodes, shooting the working parts... you get the drift. Sounds like the plot of a Stephen King story.

;^0 Jan the Gryphon

Anonymous said...

Jan is an optimist. :)

On a side note, you must like David Tennant as the Doctor? I do too, but I liked Chris Eggleston too. The sad part for me is that the producer (forget his name at the mo') is also leaving. I think he was the creative force behind the quality that the new reincarnation found.
BBC announced the new Doctor as someone named Smith. Well, that helps.

Estela said...

What a list! But with the head already sold... seems unfair you should get slammed like that.

Joann said...

MAN, I'd hate to hear about the life of the guy that paid the 75 cents to BUY IT!!!!