Sunday, January 25, 2009

Waiter! There's a fly in my pancakes!

While making breakfast yesterday Lisa opened a 20 oz box of Bisquick pancake batter. The box was new and pristine, and the bag of mix inside was sealed and had no leaks, tears, or holes.

Despite all this, as Lisa was about to open the bag she saw a full grown and very healthy fly merrily making its way among the pancake batter. Remember, this was INSIDE A SEALED BAG.



Argh, hard to see anything in the last shot, but I believe it's crawling around the top center of the bag in that frame.

No matter, here's a video of the oddity.

Not exactly a finger in your fast-food chili, but it made for swell breakfast conversation all the same.

So did we make the pancakes? Of course - but not with that mix. We went out and bought a local generic brand, made right here in good ol' Wisconsin and not that fly-ridden General Mills factory in Minnesota.

"You should write Bisquick and complain," Lisa said as she made some yummy cranberry flapjacks.

"Darn right," I replied. "Why, we could be hundredaires!"

Seriously though, I am going to write them and complain. Yuck.


Beth said...

Keep your voice down...everyone will want one!

Seriously...blech. Definitely write a letter about it to the company!

Donna said...

Complain for sure. At the very least they'll give you coupons for free boxes. There should be an 800 number somewhere on the box.

Jeanne said...

I agree write the letter, once as a child I was polishing shoes and the cover of the polish splatter all over me....I wrote to the company, and later received a box full of shoe polishes and a letter stating how sorry they

Write the letter lol

Bridgett said...

Oh GAG! Yea, write the letter...on behalf of all us Bisquick customers. That's just disgusting.

Glad you still got your pancakes though. :)

Leigh said...

Yep, yuck!

Sometimes a larva will manage to survive in flour products and mature into one of those flies(a moth, actually).

:) Leigh

Sybil said...

whata thing to see first thing in the morning..yuck...Be sure to write to complain. Will wait to see the outcome !
Love Sybil

gryphondear said...

I remember reading a story about someone who wrote a complaint letter about worms in a box of chocolates. The company sent back a new box with a letter of apology. Whereupon the woman wrote back complaining, "You don't understand. There were little green worms in the chocolate." ad infinitem.

I've occasionally opened cake/pancake/oatmeal packages with live moth larvae. euchh! I would have complained, but I had had the packages so long that I couldn't rememeber where I had bought them.

;^) Jan the Gryphon