Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dang it

In the end the wrong team won, but man was it a great game. Not quite 'Wide Right' or last year's masterpiece, but in the same tier, that's for sure. It was a superb effort by Fitzgerald and Warner. The latter wrapped up his ticket to the Hall of Fame, in my humble opinion, and just posted nasty numbers. If it wasn't for that dang Holmes . . .

Anyhow, congrats to all you Steelers fans out there.

Some thoughts on the whole proceedings:

1. Five hours of pregame? C'mon, it isn't a state funeral guys. What the hell do they have to talk about for 300 minutes?

2. Faith Fill's intro song to NBC Football bites. It's far less memorable than Hank Jr's piece for Monday Night Football.

. Jennifer Hudson looked devastated during the National Anthem, with the murder of her family still weighing heavily on her mind. I'll say a prayer for her tonight.

4. If you had to slap a label on me, I guess I'd be a 'hawk'. But the steady drumbeat of color guards, fighter jet flyovers, and the on-field presence of a commanding General . . well, 'tis a tad Mussolini for my taste.

5. I still love Madden, but Al Michael's 'humorous detachment' wears thin. I must say that today, thank God, the man was 'on'.

6. This will piss off any number of readers ~ 10 to 20 years older than me, but Bruce Springsteen is about as relevant and beloved to my generation as Al Jolson is to yours. Ony the impressive volume of late-era Baby Boomers allows the man to get gigs as big as the Super Bowl. I didn't even bother watching it.

7. You know those intros where players announce their name and college? I think anyone who uses the occasion to broadcast their high school, thuggerific moniker, or anything else other than name and college should have their intro cut. Period.

Why is it that on a normal day of work Lisa will call home oh, NEVER, even when I miss her or need her to pick something up, but on SuperBowl Sunday she called THREE times during the game?

9. Speaking of commercials:

a. Due to its tongue-in-cheek nature and the presence of the Great Alec Baldwin, [aka 'he who I will forgive of all liberal rants because he rocketh so'] Hulu gets an A.

b. The Coke commericals were great as usual, and the insect picnic was just darling. Did . . did I just use the word 'darling'? I meant, uh, wicked cool. Dude.

c. Budweiser sucks. Their commericals are propaganda. Next.

d. The Career Builder spot dragged on too long but scored with its repetive humor.

e. NBC's in-house ads blew. I could care less about their Monday night lineup, even with the commercial.

10. Finally, a word about the Danica Patrick ads.

a. I am all for brunettes.

b. I am all for hot brunettes.

c. I am all for naked hot brunettes.

d. I am all for naked hot brunettes lathering up in a shower.

e. I am all for naked hot brunettes lathering up in a shower on a webcam.

f. I am all for naked hot brunettes lathering up in a shower on a webcam and joined by a hot German woman.

BUT . . . .

I do not see how this sells web addresses, nor do I think this does anything for how Patrick is seen in the sports world.

I don't think she's doing anything 'wrong', but at some point she has to realize that she has a choice. Either she plays it straight OR she can make some money as a masturbatory fantasy and piss away any chance for earning respect in the racing world.

* * * *

It'll be interesting to see how the commericals were viewed elsewhere on the Web. What did you guys think?


Donna said...

Who's Al Joplin? Any relation to Janis?

Slapinions said...

Donna - sorry for the lazy spell-check on my part. Edited and corrected.

Beth said...

Agreed on the Danica Patrick/Go Daddy ads. Be a tough chick, be a kickass driver, but chill on the titillation stuff.

I liked the Denny's ad with the Mob-type guys having a froufrou breakfast, and I liked the Cheetos ad with the pigeons. Otherwise, nothing all that great on the ads this year.

I've never been a HUGE Springsteen fan, but I thought his half-time show rocked. I get the impression that he and the band just have a blast, and I love to see that. "Relevance" is in the eye of the may not be all that much into the artist, but respect the influence they've had on music. I'm sure there are plenty of young people today that find Elvis, or Johnny Cash, or countless other music pioneers completely irrelevant to their current musical experience, and they are sadly mistaken.

In the meantime, if I were you, I'd be on the lookout for guys from Jersey. I'm just sayin'.

:) Beth

Slapinions said...

I like the guy, but it's not just me. I think on this it is a matter of age. People who were teens or older when he was huge think of him as an icon. No one I know who's plus or minus five years of my age - and I think I've expressed in the past how diverse my circle of friends is, with tastes running from gansta rap to jazz - think of him as anything but the guy who sang 'Born in the USA'.

That's not to discount his influence on other artists, but to put it crassly that's not relevance, that's history. Sadly I think his music has become the equivalent of a Woody Allen movie of the last two decades; loved by critics, wonderfully done, but largely irrelevant to everyone outside of a specific audience.

Jeanne said...

Loved the game, and I'm glad that the Steelers won, didn't like the five hours of pregame, I'm not into pregame stuff anyway. Didn't like the commercials, of which, none worth Superbowl status. Same thing with Bruce Springsteen, I liked some of his old songs, but I didn't like what he did yesterday.

alphawoman said...

I'd like to see Jack White do the half time show. Hahhah. 80% of those watching would first go, "huh?" then turn the channel. Bruce was fantastic and I guess I agree with you. One of the best ever concerts I went to was Bruce around 1983 or so and it was electricfying (did I spell that right?). But you're right, it's not revelant to later generations. I was listening to a female singer the other day (I wish I could remember who it was) and I thought, Andrew Sisters of today generation....have you ever heard of the Andrew Sister? hahahhah (my parents generation)..anyway, you hit a nerve with teh generation gap thing. Good music is good mucis. I disliked Elvis, but would never ever make the statement that he was irrelevent. To any generation. Loved the Dylan commercial (don't ya know, laughed our loud at the beach dancing scene) and Alex Baldwin (which incidently took one of my favorite scenes from the tv show!) and I loved seeing that autistic kid who scored ..what was it, 26 points in the final game when they finally let him play his senior year?? I believe that was a Gatorade, I've had too much coffee this morning!

lisa jo said...

i feel for you if you have any NY readers because you just dissed their God, Springsteen.