Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just an update

My desktop crashed - I think for the last time - and so my online access is limited. We'll have to see.

Meanwhile, to answer some questions posted in the comments section:

Here's a link to those official coroner and government reports on the Holly crash. The gravestone shots are from the web; I haven't had a chance to visit them all, and of the bunch I'll probably only make the trip for Buddy, to be honest.

I am working. That seasonal job, to my great surprise, liked me and kept me on. The hours aren't great, given the economy, but it is a nice sign that while shifts are cut left and right I'm in the mix at all. A search for a job equal (in pay) to my old one continue with new daily vigor, but as you all know from 4+ years here I don't care to discuss my job online.

What else . . well I fell twice in recent days. Once on ice while picking LuLu up from school, and once down the stairs at the house. Mark my words, if we live here forty years those stairs will eventually seal my doom. And in case you're wondering, no matter how minor the fall, 350# does not defy gravity without paying a dire price, in this case some bruises and a cut across my butt.

I'm now DVR'ing this season of American Idol. Expect weekly posts about that, and remember to check out the TWO MILWAUKEE CONTESTANTS. Danny - the guy who lost his wife - and his buddy are both from this here town. Lisa thinks she knows Danny from somewhere, and said so before we even knew he was from Milwaukee. Who knows? Maye we know the next American Idol!

While we're talking TV, I mentioned this on Beth's site, but for the record: the episode of The Office that aired after the SuperBowl was hilarious, and I wet myself twice watching it. Classic.

And that SuperBowl MVP is B.S. Yeah, Holmes made that final catch. Whoo-hoo. It should have gone to Harrison for his 100 yard interception return. That's a minimum of a ten point swingaround (denying Arizona at least three points and gaining seven) in a game decided by four points. Hellllllooooo?

[Duke-Clemson was a slaughter. A 27 point loss for Coach K? Ugh. Sad to watch for this part-time, casual Blue Devil fan]

Ok, that's all for now. I hope to write again soon.


Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear about your desktop crashing..

Also the fall isn't good and I'm glad nothing more serious came out of it.

Interesting reading

Beth said...

Great news on the job--something to tide you over until you find more of what you want.

Buddy, be careful with the falls. My Mom is notorious for them, and she's lucky she's never broken anything. I'd question WHY you're falling. In a hurry? Is there a bum step on the stairs? That's something you really don't want to mess around with.

We're watching American Idol, too. We'll watch for your Milwaukee guys. Looks like it could be a good year--there are a couple that we're really liking already.

Stay safe!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that you have some steady work, that should help take a bit of the edge off.

Bridgett said...

Oh man. :(
I hate that your computer has crashed.

And I hate even worse that you've fallen twice. Ouchie. Feel better.

But congratulations on the job! Looking foward to the American Idol posts.


Joann said...

Hi Dan, the link to the blog I mentioned is on that post. Just click on "Mik".... Thanks!!

Joann said...

Glad you're working, good for you!! Sorry about the fall!! Glad you're ok!! I LOVE American Idol!!!