Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Super Bowl Pick

I expect I'll have a Super Bowl - er, 'Big Game' - post later in the day. But I'm going on record to say I'll root for the Cardinals, although I'd say logic points to a Steelers win.

Yesterday I watched Marquette knock Georgetown out of the top 25 with a win at the Bradley Center - how very appropriate that two Catholic Universities met up during Catholic Schools week. After seeing both the Georgetown and Notre Dame games in the last week I have to say I'm dang impressed with the Golden Eagles. They have an aggressive, suffocating defense and while undersized they attack the boards with venom.

Let it be know that traditionally I am not a Marquette fan. I am an alum of UWM, and my po' South Side self has always held the Ritchie Rich Marquette student body in a bit of contempt.

But I like this team. That's saying a lot.

I've also taken a shine to the Bucks.

Yes, they are inconsistent. Yes, they are a few years away from being Championship caliber. Yes, Bogut is hampered by injury and Redd is out for the year. And finally, yes, I know they are three games under .500.

So what? They finished a rough January with a break-even record and now have 19 of their final 31 games at home, with a relatively soft schedule.

This team is well coached and fights hard. When Bogut is in the game he can dominate it, and Charlie V is just scorching hot right now.

It'd be nice to see them squeak into the playoffs, even if it's the NBA equivalent of 'one and done'.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We are pulling for the Cards as well.

Marquette and other Big 8 teams that having winning conference records, can close the deal. That is what ND is missing, playing tough but not sealing it.

Have not followed pro's at all this year.

Enjoy the game :o)

jeanne said...

I'm sorry, but my son Mike had a steelers jacket, and I'm for the Steelers if I can't get Greenbay

I also like Marquette, since they are not playing UWM

Enjoy the game

Bridgett said...

I'm rooting for the Cardinals by default. I HATE the Steelers.

Go Cards!