Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

Smiley came downstairs this morning with blue nail polish on his cheeks, hands, and nails. Apparently he'd raided one of his sister's rooms after bedtime last night.

"Smiley you cannot wear nail polish!" Lisa said. "Are you a boy or a girl?"

"Ba-oyyy" Smiley said, using one of his newest words.

"Then you can't wear nail polish. Boys don't wear nail polish Smiley."

He shook his head and smiled like she was slow.

"Uh-uh mama," he said, content his actions were justifiable and manly. "It ba-ooo." [blue]


Astaryth said...

I saw your comment over at Deslily's. You can follow people even if they don't have one of the gadgets! Here's what you do:

1. Go to Dashboard
2.You'll see your list of blogs you are following.
3. At the bottom are 2 buttons. Push the one that says add
4. In the little pop up box put the url for the blog you want to add.
5. Follow rest of directions.

Easy Peasy! Be sure to add Pat. She's great!

jeanne said...

Yea Mom, it's blue lol

leave it to smiley

Bridgett said...

Hey, he has a point! Blue is for boys. :)

I paint my son's toenails. He has autism and when he sees me painting his sister's...he always points to his toes and says, "Color pretty too?"

I can't say no to him, especially when he's verbalizing.

But I always unpaint them before his swimming and gymnastics classes though. LOL

Sybil said...

LOve it...well blue is blue aint it !!
LOve and a special hug for our smart wee fella,

Sybil x

Estela said...

When my kids were little, the girls would paint Mac's fingernails blue. He liked it. I finally convinced all of them to just do his toenails. LOL. He hasn't painted them for over 10 years now, but it was funny at the time.