Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vancouver Interview - October 23, 1957

Some interesting points from this short interview in late 1957. One, Buddy is asked how long he thinks the genre of rock 'n roll will last. His answer? Only about six or seven more months. He is asked if he'd quit if that was the case or ride the next big thing, and he cheerfully responds that he'd change his style. As an explanation, he says he prefers quiter music anyway. He also states a preference for 'Oh Boy!' (about to be released at the time of the interview) over 'That'll Be the Day'.

Some people have said that Buddy misunderstood the question about rock 'n roll, but I disagree. The answer as it stands was consistent with the question and he doesn't seem confused. Maybe he was having a 'down' day, maybe he was in a bad mood, maybe he really feared for the future of rock 'n roll. Who knows?

As far as the preference for 'Oh Boy!', it may be true or it may just be a case of selling the latest release to the press.

I also think his preference for quieter music is not, necessarily, an indicator that Buddy would have abandoned rock had he lived.

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Bridgett said...

I'd love to hear his thoughts on music today. :)