Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victory Will Be Mine!


A few weeks ago, knowing my love of slippers, Lisa told me about a pair of Family Guy slippers on clearance at Target, in my size (13), for under three bucks. Naturally I ran out and got them!



If Stewie really wanted to get rid of Lois he'd buy her a pair of these, as the big, oddshapen Stewie head on the toes tends to befuddle you while walking up the stairs (no, I wasn't wearing them when I fell).

It's odd that I love slippers so much - although I tend to stick to the sedate, black old man variety - since I was so adamently opposed to them as a child. Huh. Tastes change I guess, but whatever your age you have to admit: the Stewie slippers rock!


Bridgett said...

My hubby would love these...and he wears a 13 too.

Was there more than one pair left? LOL


Jeanne said...

I saw them, I guess they were kids, da, didn't look at the size...


alphawoman said...

Now I know waht to get Joe for Valentines day...hahaha!1 i love them!