Friday, March 6, 2009

The Alamo, Stacey, and American Idol

Happy 8th Birthday to my niece Stacey!

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To the Texans who died 127 years ago at the Alamo - Rest in Peace

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I have a beef with American Idol. We'll forgive the poorly orchestrated elimination round on Wednesday. I mean, really - lining up four obvious losers next to Scott and then stating only one of them moves on is like putting a supermodel alongside the Golden Girls and asking which one you'd like to take to bed. But I have one word for the 'Wildcard Round'.

Fixed. Crappy. Fixed and Crappy.

So it's two words. Sue me. There's no way the judges pondered and analyzed their decision in the ninety seconds of commercials before the announcements. Mind you, the decision to put both Matt and Anoop through took guts. Think of it; on the spur of the moment, swayed only by the talent in front of them, the judges extended the field to thirteen contestants. That means Fox will have to add another week of shows, with all the expenses that come with them, rearrange their network schedule, notify sponsors; all decided right then, in those ninety seconds.


Kristen should have been in the wildcard race. Ju'not should have been in the wildcard race. Even forgiving those errors Megan SUCKED. Relevant? She has twice produced lackluster, awkward performances where her lips barely moved to release sound. While I watched it I joked that she thought she was Edgar Bergen for pete's sake!

Jasmine? Boring and mediocre, as she was before. To hear the judges rave about her performance is a sure sign this was preordained.

And meanwhile Ricky, who gave a superb performance, is dismissed? What????

The decision to cut Tatiana is, again, curious. The judges find her annoying and dislike her personally. So what? She is entertaining and has a great voice. Keeping her in would have made great TV, and you know what? That's the point of the show. Not selling records. They want the records to sell to boost the shows value, not the other way around.

Obviously the judges went in knowing who would be chosen. I disagree on two of the counts, obviously, and venture to say that if it had gone to a vote (as it SHOULD have) America would have chosen Matt, Tatiana, and Ricky or Anoop.

What a horrible week for American Idol.


Bridgett said...

American Idol lost it's luster for me years ago. I still watch...but mostly out of habit and not enthusiasm.


Joann said...

I thought the ones chosen were PERFECT!! I really liked Kendall, was sad that she didn't make it up for the wildcard. I do NOT like TATIANA, and we don't know if she can sing... she's only good at ONE song, WAY too much of a drama queen for my taste, and that accent... where did THAT come from??! LOL!! I loved that they chose BOTH Matt AND Anoop!!!