Monday, March 30, 2009

Another column to be published Tuesday in the paper

Tuesday's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel will feature another column of mine. If you're in Wisconsin or upper Illinois kindly pick up a copy.

I got the news tonight in two different emails. In the first, the editor wrote she'd be publishing my column 'X'. In her follow-up she apologized, but said her editor didn't like the piece for a few reasons and that they'd run another of my columns instead.

Lisa thought the second editors issues would upset me, but I welcomed the advice. The guy's paying me to write, so critique away kind sir. I just wish I could remember what the content of the backup column is before I see it in print.

* * * * *

Recently I ran into my grade school principal Sr. Kathleen and my first grade teacher Sr. Virigina (the latter being the woman who taught me to read. Thanks!)

Sr. Kathleen brought up my last column and said she'd recognized my name right away. She then asked all the usual questions about my parents, sisters, etc.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that Sr. Kathleen looked all of sixty or sixty five years old, with Sr. Virginia maybe five years her senior. Not a big deal - except that as a kid I thought they were sooooo ancient. I'd have laid money down, right up until seeing them last week, that they'd easily be in their eighties now.

Huh. Next thing you know I'll discover my childhood crush Chrissy G. wasn't a dead ringer for Farrah Fawcett.


Estela said...

Yea! Another article. :) It is rather funny how OLD everyone seemed when we were young, huh? It shocks me to realize that at my age now... I'm not too young to date David Cassidy (not that he's asked), but it would have been a felony (for him) back in his Hay Day.

Jeanne said...

Loved the post, I agree with Estela, when your young things look different,

I'm alwas surprised when I see how people look now (AOL) I never thought they were that old... lol

Have a great day.

Love the Journal column

Astaryth said...

It is so cool I know someone actually getting published! Getting paid to write something would be sooo cool, instead I just write my dribble on the web for free! LOL!

Bridgett said...