Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just to Clear Up a Facebook BooBoo

Today birthday wishes kept coming in. Here's the problem: it's not my birthday.

True, it is right around the corner [on Thursday the 19th] but the messages all specified tomorrow as the big day.

The source of the error falls on my shoulders. Apparently my little-used Facebook account lists the 18th as my birthday. Maybe it was an honest mistake, or else I might have fudged it in a paranoid 'Big Brother' moment.

[When I corrected one person they asked "Are you sure?". To give them the benefit of the doubt: I've forgotten much of those pesky womb days, so no. No, I'm not 100% sure. But I'm most of the way there :)]

Either way, a big and heartfelt thank you to Slapinions readers Joann and Jeanne!

* * * *
I spent the better part of the night completing essays required for a job I'm pursuing. Two bleepin' hours - closer to three really. If I don't get it I should at least win a merit badge for sticking out the application process.

* * * * *

A small thing that bothered me like a grain of sand in the eye:

Recently I wasted an hour of my life fascinated by a special about a 1969 Vietnam war battle at a Special Forces camp. The Military Channel went all out to sell this as a 'must see'. They gathered the survivors of the battle together. They had archival footage from both the American and NVA sides. They had splashy computer graphics. I agree with showing all of that. I'm thankful for their comprehensive and professional presentation.

The problem: they said, a dozen times, that this was one of the most vital and costly battles of that era. Then at the very end of the show they revealed the death toll: two Americans and seven NVA.

Please, for the duration of this post, put aside the reflexive 'All lives count.'. Of course. But from a historical point of view, nine dead isn't a battle. It's barely a decent Vietnam era skirmish considering the NVA attacked a fortified and armouored position head-on.

I didn't need a huge death toll to find the show interesting. I would have been fine with the truth, or even if miraculously everyone went home unscathed. I just don't like being misled to think this was Midway revisted, in both casualties and importance. Some kid probably walked away from the TV thinking that skirmish ranks up there with Tet as a turning point of the war. That bothers me.

Anway, enough of that. I'm off to watch AI and post about it later.


Bridgett said...

Well, we aren't friends on facebook...so I'll tell you here.


You're what....22, 23? Or are you 21, which is my eternal age? LOL


Jeanne said...

Thanks for the post, and the correction on your birthday...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Happy birthday anyway, hope you do not read this comment until after midnight :o)

Sarah J said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry, no homemade card for you this year.