Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A link to the column

The column is in print and wouldn't ya know it, I actually like the thing. Here's a link to the beast, which in no way excuses anyone in town from picking up a copy.

I'll post the entire piece here in a few days.


Beth said...

Nicely done, Dan! Very funny, and so true. Towards the end of winter, I really complain about the snow, but I think if I lived in Florida or some other warm state, I'd miss it in some perverse way!

Astaryth said...

Just popped over and read the column. Very funny! And, just so you know, I used to live in the north and snow is the reason I put up with hurricanes and insane heat here in FL... just to avoid it! LOL!

Bridgett said...

Great column!
And here's my thing...I don't mind snow at all. I just hate the ice that often accompanies it and makes the roads hazardous.


Estela said...

Loved the last couple of paragraphs, regarding San Diego. I must confess, having grown up in a much warmer climate, I am fascinated by the snow. Every time we live in an area that gets snow, I'm thrilled with the first snowfall. Then I get over it, and curse the school closures. :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hard to believe we got more earlier this week. Nice article, and I notice you even managed a Chicago Dig :o)