Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Sassy Girl

Avoid this movie. It had potential, and the cast is certainly above par, but the movie as a whole . . .

Look, I love romantic comedy. It's very metrosexual of me, but I do. On a seperate note I suppose, if I was into it, I could handle watching some sick masochistic relationship develop on screen.

Just not, you know, in the same movie.

The film traces a romance that begins, in a sign of things to come, when the young and very drunk Cuthbert is restrained from falling onto a subway rail. Over the next few months love blossoms, yada yada.

Here's my issue with this film: start to finish Cuthbert is a manipulative, destructive drunk, a woman who intentionally - intentionally! - destroys her boyfriend's career and sabotages his future. Throughout he takes it all with a smile, ignoring the advice of a friend who sees her for what she really is.

There's not even any sex. I don't mean a sex scene, I mean anything past 1st base that could broker an explanation as to why he's so drawn to someone that debases him each and every day.

Oh, it's all rationalized away with a cutesy ending, but there's no going back. Just watching the movie made me feel ill. This is a remake of a Korean hit, and what that says about their society I'll leave to the professionals. As for myself, I was disgusted with both the abuser and her enabler boyfriend.

1.0 out of 4.0


Bridgett said...

Yuck. Sounds awful. Thanks for the warning, because this is probably something I would have rented.

I'll pass on it now.


Joyce said...

I was thrilled to see a comment from you on my blog. Can I say "I've missed you"??? I guess I can since I could be your mother. LOL. I'll skip this movie (thanks to your comments).
Hugs to you and yours, Joyce