Sunday, March 8, 2009

A rainy Sunday morn

I'm writing this after surrendering my reading chair to Zsa Zsa, my stepmother-in-law's assistance dog. So far, after five days of the in-law staying here, it's going alright. She's gone out a lot more than she normally would have, accompanying us here and there, and that's left her a bit exhausted. I've also seen a lot more TV than I usually would, having been exposed to Oklahoma! and Oliver in the first day alone.* I guess the biggest surprise for anyone is the shining her dog has taken to me, and the fact that I've become her de facto canine caregiver. I don't know why it's such a shock. I grew up with dogs for my first two decades and am very comfortable around them; I just don't like beasts that crap in my yard.

Rain is pelting the windows of the office, and sooner or later I'm going to have to bite the bullet and call YaYa in to Sunday school. I let her sleep over at my sister's last night, forgetting about the time change. I had some wickedly elaborate dreams last night, the kind that a better writer would turn into a classic novel. Instead, I'm left with only fragments of the whole: a bus trip across the city in which a young man began arguing with a stranger he accused of talking through a film they'd seen; the brief [platonic] appearance of Amy, an old co-worker, as she explained some detail of retail work; and a very long sequence in which I guided a very badly injured hospital patient up a long ramp. The ramp was saturated with dried blood that belonged to the patient, his friends, and their enemies. He was a 'Blood Boy', a breed of vampires or vampire-killers who made their home in the building at the top.

I'd like to add a song to the blog's background. Not everyday, because that's annoying, but once in a blue moon. Does anyone know how to accomplish that? Bridgett, your blog frequently does that, doesn't it? Can you help?

Ok, time to leave the comfort of the office and resume fatherhood. Later.

* yeah, yeah. "He sure watches a lot of TV to begin with, doesn't he?" you're saying to your significant other. Not true. Well, sorta. I watch a lot of TV, but not during the day. I'll record whatever I want to watch and then, around 11pm or so, begin sacrificing hours better spent on sleep.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Rain just stopped here, sure am glad that it was not snow :o)

Bridgett said...

Hey...I can help you with the music.

I always use the 'add a gadget' feature at the bottom of the customize page, because on the sidebar, it's all cut-off.

Anyway, go to, type the song you're wanting in the search engine, click the link to add it to your playlist (do this as many times as you have songs to add). After you have all your songs added, follow the links to save and get your code.

Once you have you code, just add it to the 'html' link on your customize page.

Sorry, I'm terrible at explaining stuff. If you have any questions, just pop me a comment.


Jeanne said...

Love your story telling, it just flows, you need to write more on your'e days, and that dream scene, was something else.

Beth said...

Yes, a rainy day in northern Indiana. I'm glad we ran our errands yesterday, because it was pouring for a while.

I have a music player on my sidebar from It's small, maybe 2x2" at the most, and it's one that you have to click on to play, leaving the option entirely up to the reader. You can also "pop it out" and play it on your computer even if you navigate away from my blog. I also found many choices (some obscure) of the music that I like. Try it out and see what you think.

I have to admit that one of my pet peeves is music playing automatically on a blog (no offense to anyone who does that--it's just not my preference). Sometimes I'm listening to something else, and sometimes I just don't like the music. Some playlists will have a pause feature, so if you're going to put one up, please find one that has that option!


Amy said...

Aww...You must miss me!! I'm flattered that I made a (platonic)appearance in your wild dream.