Monday, March 16, 2009

Two by Kanye West

I often think Kanye West is an idiot. But a very talented one.

He's certainly said some stupid things in his day, and the three or four times I've seen him perform on TV he was dramatically less impressive than on the radio.

I love performers who sound identical or better live than on their records, and I'm generally against taking a three minute song and stretching it to ten onstage. But there are artists (Pink Floyd for example) who need the full possibilites of a studio to create 'their' sound, a sound that understandably cannot be fully re-created live onstage.

I think Kanye falls into that category.

When I heard 'Love Lockdown' on the radio I was blown away. It is remarkably different than anything else in the top 40, so much so that I was inspired to call and ask the DJ for the name of the artist. I haven't done that in well over a decade, if not close to two.

In addition to 'Love Lockdown' his single 'Heartless' is currently number four on the American Top 40 countdown. The official video for the song is rather neat, but cannot be embedded: you'll find it here.

* * * *

I'm going to try and post some pictures here in the next few days, but I can't find the da-- cord to rig the camera up to the comp and upload pictures.


Joyce said...

Just not my kind of music. He was on American Idol last week. He could have stayed home in my opinion. Sorry.
Hugs, Joyce

Bridgett said...

I actually like Kanye's sound...but the guy's ego is such a turn-off.

And that stripper he's dating...ick.

But...Kanye's hot. I'll confess. :)