Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April's Last American Idol

I'm trying to figure out the math here. Ryan said it's three weeks until the finale but there are five contestants left. One goes home this week, one the next, so doesn't that leave three left to duke it out? I must have misheard him, because I can't imagine they're going to change the format at this point in the show's run.

Moving on, it was Rat Pack week and overall the quality of the show was high. With only five "boys and girls" left, this review won't take long.

* * * *

1. Kris - He's definitely moving up into striking range of the finals. I enjoyed the song, but it wasn't mind blowing. I imagine him with one or two moderately successful pop hits in the future, just not with 'Season Eight Winner' on the album cover.

2. Allison - I disagree with the judges. I had trouble understanding any of her lyrics, and I watched it twice AND had the closed captioning on. To me, it reinforced her as a one-trick pony. I think she's in trouble.

3. Matt - Love the guy, enjoyed the song, still think it was on the weaker end of tonight's performances.

4. Danny - surprisingly good version, surprisingly good posture, surprisingly snappy apparel. Well done. A nice return to form.

5. Adam - way too theatrical, indulgent, and dramatic for the needs and intent of the song. I suppose, like Simon said, that it's like complaining that a cow moos. Vegas drama is what Adam is about. The vocals were good but I think Danny trumped him tonight.

* * * *

So who goes home? My bottom two are Allison and Matt. I think America will toss Allison in there, but will debate putting Matt or Kris in that second chair.

At the end of the show, Allison goes home. I hope.


Beth said...

We were puzzled by the math, too. Not sure what is going on there.

For Rat Pack week, seems like Adam's Vegas drama was a natural.

I agree with your bottom two. Not a big Matt fan, and I've taken to calling him the Hat Dude. Ditch the hat, dude!

Bridgett said...

Adam is a little over the top...but he has a helluva voice.

I find myself liking Kris more and more. Danny did well but honestly, I found them all a little boring last night.

The vocal quality was high...but there were no surprises for me.

Allison will go home. Or Matt.

I'm not a Matt fan and honestly wish the judges hadn't saved him when they did.

We shall see! :)

Slapinions said...

Beth - Adam would be fine for a modern day Vegas theme, but I can't imagine him holding a martini and singing alonside Dean and Sammy.

Bridgett - I like Matt's personality and charm, but I think he's gone in this week or the next.