Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little bit of this and that

Smiley stole a lit incense stick of ours and strolled around the house waving it like a sparkler. Natually, I took it away the minute Lisa caught sight of him.

No big deal, but you'll have to remember that Smiley still deals with a very bad speech problem. Because of this he ran around in tears yelling "Me dick mama. Me dick. Dada 'ook me dick", and growing increasingly angry when we laughed.

Good thing we didn't take it away from him in a crowded mall, huh?

* * * *

April Fools to me: My DVR failed to record Lost while I was at work, citing a scheduling conflict between High School Reunion and Whatever, Matha. *&#@#$

* * * *

To all friends/family - my cell phone is on the fritz. Sprint is replacing it free of charge, but until Monday or Tuesday you'll have to reach me on the landline.

* * * * *

Because Lisa and I both worked until late Friday evening, we found ourselves with the kids scattered among the grandparents and not one left at home. Hot dog! For the first time in years we hit the road and went out for dinner after midnight, winding up at Jalisco's ~1 a.m.

It was glorious. Not the food (which was good) but being out and about with no little booger-maker to slow us down. :)


Sybil said...

How lovely for you and Lisa to have a night jst to yourselves, I think all married couples shoudl have at least one day/night a month if it is at all possible on their own...Great photo's of "ginger" isn't she like Smiley.. Still don't have your snail mail add. to send card for my wee e.mail writer...please ?
LOve to all Sybil x

Jeanne said...

Love the little bit of this post, and it was good to have time to yourselfs...Sorry to hear about your cell phone, and glad that it will be replaced...Have a great day

Estela said...

Ha ha at Smiley and his "my dick" comments. I'd have been laughing too. I am glad you and Lisa took advantage of a night without the kinder. too few of those, huh?

Bridgett said...

Oh my gosh...I'm cracking up about the 'dick' conversation. LOL

And I so hear you about actually being able to get out and about without the kids every once in awhile. It's pure heaven.

Glad you enjoyed your Friday night! :)

Bernadette said...

...I'm still laughing!

Glad you got to steal a night out with your favorite girl...alone :)