Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

While we were riding home from school YaYa announced she has a new crush, and said the boy wanted to meet me.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I told him all about you. He's just as gross as you are so he thinks you're cool. He even picks his nose like you do!"

LuLu chimed in with skepticism. "Uh, does he pick his nose with his pinky?"

"Yup," said YaYa.

LuLu laughed maniacally. "Then he is like Daddy!"

* * * *

Once again, I had my Escort back for 72 hours before it broke down again.

This time it appears to be - with the operative phrase being "appears to be" - just a cracked sparkplug wire. To answer all the cries of "Why don't any of these repair places give it a once-over?" I say: the exhaust place wasn't going to go poking around the engine, anymore than the regular mechanic could have forseen something cutting the brake lines while I drove. It's a stretch of bad luck, and I'm not going to chastise anyone for not being Edgar Cayce.

* * *

BTW, The Spirit was an awful movie, not even worth a full review. Skip it.


Sybil said...

Out of the mouths of kids !!!
Love Sybil

Bridgett said...


Kids really do say the darndest things. Just like Autumn yelling loudly that I was 'eating a pee pee,' the other day with the A/C man was there working.

Gotta love it.

Jeanne said...

Bridgett, I love your response, I LOL...

So YaYa has a crush just like dad, is it for real or she just wanted to tag you with the picking of the nose with a pinky? So funny.

I guess I agree if different people are working on the Escort, the Exhaust place they are not going to say anything. At this time I wouldn't chastise anyone either, I guess I would just ask...

I hope your luck is now good for a change :)

Rose said...

Love the photos. Your children are getting so big.