Friday, April 24, 2009

Scott Walker News!

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker announced via Twitter that he has filed papers to challenge Jim Doyle in the next Governor's race.

I met Scott Walker in DC back in '05, and he seemed like a genuine and likeable guy. He's the lone Republican to hold office in the Democratic stranglehold that is Milwaukee. That means in a statewide race he's got a chance to contend in an area that's usually a 'given' for the blue. He's also got a track record of doing what he thinks 'should' be done, regardless of whether its politically wise at the time. Case in point, turning down stimulus money this year. A political ploy? Statewide it might work in his favor, but locally it wasn't the most popular notion. I'm inclined to believe he thought the stimulus plan was a bunch of hooey and acted accordingly.

Hey, if you ran the desiccated remains of Rudolf Valentino against tax-happy Jim Doyle he'd win my vote. But I think Scott Walker has the opportunity to take the office and do some good with it. He has my support.

So if you're in Wisconsin say the word. I'm more than willing to hit the pavement for Walker, and I'd be proud to have you along to keep me company.

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Jeanne said...

I was all for Walker when he ran as County Ex. I understand that the parks are in the running for a great award, but as a person that uses the parks, zoos, ect...I think he has ruin them. I understand to run the parks cost money, but he wants to close down pools, make you pay to go to the parks. So maybe on paper he has done a good job, but to me he flys off and does his own thing without thinking...Sorry..Not for him, but then if no one else is better than him, I would vote for him...we will see

Slapinions said...

You know I'm no fan of the parks situation, but there's no $ in the system after the pension scandal of his predecessor. His choices are either trim programs or seek to raise taxes. The latter would be fine if Milwaukee wasn't already taxed to the bone, but you can't bleed a rock and you can't risk pushing even more people out of the county. The stimulus $ would be nothing but a bandage for the County, and when the $ is gone we'd be left in the same boat - and probably even fewer taxpayers left to foot the bill.

Amy said...

He has my support too! I have always like Scott Walker and agree with his views on the stimulus money.