Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smiley takes the Bus

This Monday Smiley began taking the school bus to school.

He loves it. He waits, staring out the living room window until it pulls up, then yells 'bye' and runs out the door. His friend Jay-Jay rides with him, offering him a manic 'hello' wave when the bus pulls up.
He tells everyone about it; in fact when he visited my Mom his first words were his version of "take bus".

Me? I hate it. I'm proud of him, and happy that he enjoys it, but it makes me a paranoid nut. I've kept that to myself, and I'm getting better, but oh my.


Jeanne said...

Oh my, isn't he a big boy, and so happy and proud....Love that smile..

Get over it dad, there are things every day that will make you paranoid, but as a good parent that you are, you will get over it..

Bridgett said...

Just look at that big, proud smile! He is truly an adorable little boy.

Has a pretty killer name too. ;)

And if makes you feel any better? I hated when Parker rode the bus last year freaked me out. This year, I'm his personal chauffer. LOL


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Amy said...

He is so cute!! Nathan also turned 4 last month, and he is so excited to begin school. He cannot wait to ride the bus. I too was a nervous wreck when my older 3 started riding it, but I loosened up over time. It's really an important experience for kids. It gives them a sense of independence.

Sybil said...

Is that smile not enough to break anyones heart...good on ya boy..

Another step on his way.. God Bless

Love Sybil x