Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a lousy day

Ugh, I can't wait for this day to end.

After my last post I took Smiley out to the hospital to get those x-rays of my back. I figured, one, two shots at best - easy peezy fresh and freezy. Nuh-uh. They had me strip to my skivvies and did a busload of x-rays while Smiley sat and flirted with the radiologists. Thank God I'd thought to change my undies before I went.

Then, on the way home my brakes failed.

No warning, no prior problem. I'm rolling along at 30 miles an hour, the light turns red, I go to stop and nothing. Not a thing. I took the pedal all the way to the floor and nada, and then at the last second they kicked in and brought me to a stop mere inches - literally inches - from the guy in front of me.

After that the brake light announced itself and I noticed that there was a trail of liquid behind the car - brake fluid. As I was only half a block from a Walgreens (really, when isn't someone half a block from a Walgreens?) I stopped and put in some fluid I bought there, then continued home at a snails pace. I was careful to stick to side streets and because of this it took me around 40 minutes to cover the 15 minute ride home.

I had that car out of the shop for all of 72 hours. #!@#@$%

Remember, I still had to go pick up those couches. I hooked up with Socialist and headed out to Pewaukee, where Lisa had made arrangements to buy the set from a guy on Craigslist. We went armed with Mapquest directions, directions that were apparently flawed. They took Socialist and I about ten minutes out of the way, ten minutes spent arguing politics. Yay.

He and I got the couch and loveseat to my house, where we struggled to fit the pieces through my door. It was only after the loveseat was in and the couch stuck in the door that I remembered - ok, was prompted by Lisa's friend Jessica - that my new bay windows could be removed completely to accommodate moving furniture. D'oh. In the end, that's how we got the couch to fit.

Then it was on to Socialists house to reload his van with all the tools of his profession. During this time we noticed that three of the couch legs had been left inside his van. I took them home confident the fourth was at home (we'd removed them in front of the house) but so far, we haven't found it.


When I got home I had to help Lisa carry the old couch out to the curb, and THAT was a big ordeal, with Lisa laying into me for alleged - and by that I mean imaginary - lapses in carrying my share of the load. When we finally got it outside our neighbor to the north rushed over to offer Lisa I hand, but I shooed him away. I was dang ready to see she finished the job she had us start.

The only bright spot of the day were the kids physicals, were they all got a clean bill of health. Ah, but even that has a gray lining, as LuLu came straight from a sleepover with her cousin and showed up for the physical with ratty hair, a dirty shirt, and day old undies. The kicker is I'd called ahead and told them to get her ready for the appointment. Grrreeeaaat impression for the doc, dontcha think?

Friday, where are you????


Bridgett said...

Okay, I'm still chuckling about the lopsided couch. LOL

But hey...the day is essentially done. Guess what tomorrow is? :)

So glad the kids are all healthy. That's the best blessing of all.

Oh, and I'm very sorry about your car. I swear, there are days when I think I should just buy one of those three-seater cycles and tote the kids around that way.

Not only would I save gas, I'd be getting more exercise. And let's face it...I desperately need more exercise. LOL


Beth said...

I'm leaving this comment at around 12:15, so it is officially Friday, and I declare it a Better Day for Dan.

jeanne said...

Smiley flirted with the radiologist, mm, was she cute...Kid has it made with those eyes.

Sorry to hear about the seems like there is alwas something going on. Glad no one was hurt and you got home safely.

Great to be able to take out windows to get couchs into a house. And a couch with three legs..good job.. :)

Glad that the kids are in goot health..

Friday will be better