Friday, May 8, 2009

American Idol/Fashion Show

Wow. We didn't have a chance to watch the AI elimination show until about 10 p.m tonight, but it was a doozy. Kris was the weakest of the bunch and doesn't have the vocal chops to compete at this point, and yet he coasted through.

That worries me.

If Danny had been eliminated (as I was erroneously told Wednesday) I'd have stopped watching. Not out of hometown loyalty or outrage, but because it meant the last remaining hope to knock off Adam was gone. Now a small part of my head is concerned that Kris might capture the crown in ridiculous Taylor Hicks fashion, leaving better singers - Adam and Danny - out in the cold.

Tomorrow is Danny Gokey day here in Milwaukee, btw. Take a gander at the Journal website for more info and an itinerary.

* * *

Oh, one last thing. Allison's farewell song was THE BEST SUCH PERFORMANCE EVER. Full of emotion, power, confidence, and soul. Well done.

* * *

Tonight was the premiere of Bravo's The Fashion Show with Isaac Mizrahi.

You might have heard that Project Runway left Brazo in a legal huff; the last I heard it'll show up on Lifetime this fall. Bravo's The Fashion Show is, let's be frank, a knockoff of Runway.

Does that mean it's no good? No, not necessarilly. I think it has potential if it can counter a few obvious flaws. Chief among them is the lack of a Tim Gunn to stroll in and critique outfits in progress. Instead, Isaac and annoying co-host Kelly Rowland keep mum and snipe in private. Not good, as some of the designers need direction, and more importantly the audience needs to be clued in on what's what in the sewing room.

Still, there's a lot to like and a lot of personalites in play. We'll definitely give it a shot for a few weeks.


Bernadette said...

Fashion Show is definitely a Project Runway rip off...and nowhere near as good.
I don't have much confidence that any of these contestants are the next Christian.
...and Tim Gunn *made* PR...and there's no bluefly wall to drool over!

I'll give it a few weeks as well..but certainly wasn't excited about the debut.

Bridgett said...

I love PR...but I didn't know about The Fashion Show. I'll have to set my DVR and watch it next week.

I'll give it a chance...but seriously, Tim Gunn makes Project Runway.

Speaking of, did you hear Heidi is finally having a little girl with Seal?

As for AI, I kind of suspected it would be Allison. Kris has a pretty loyal following of fans. But I honestly think Adam has it wrapped up at this point.