Friday, May 29, 2009

The Handprints - Two Years on

On May 11th, 2007, as documented here on Slapinions, we put our family's handprints in the wet concrete of our newly poured walkway.

This year, on the second anniversary, I pulled the kids outside for a Reunion show. The biggest difference is Ginger, obviously; Lisa was six months pregnant with Ginger when the handprints were done.





Bridgett said...

Wow...look how much they've grown! Poor Ginger doesn't have any hand prints to compare. LOL


jeanne said...

The sure have grown, and all so happy. Love the pictures.

Sybil said...

Goodness isn't Ginger in particular growing to be a big fact they are all looking so good, and happy. I presume the scare at school has died down ?
Love Sybil x