Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How did they get on the show?

I'm still a huge Match Game nut (and a growing fan of Charles Nelson Reilly) but I also have fond memories of The Joker's Wild, another after school game show treat from my childhood.

I watched some clips of it today on Youtube, and it holds up well. It's not as good as The Match Game, but then nothing is.

If you have a few minutes take a look at this clip, in which two players battle it out for the title of "Least Effective/Most Ignornant Contestant in Game Show History." Check out Jack Barry's frustration at the pair of them. At least (contestant) Daphne Palmer was hot, so she had something going for her.


BTW - late condolences for the loss of the great Bea Arthur, an actress with great comedic timing and a biting wit. It was a big enough event in my world for my sister to text me the news at work. As a fan of The Golden Girls (one of the best written, best acted sitcoms of the era), I'll miss her.


Beth said...

I remember that show, too! Hey, what was the one where people chanted, "Big money no whammies big money no whammies!" That one was horrible, but I've never gotten that phrase out of my head!

Slapinions said...

Beth -

No, you're thinking of "Press Your Luck", which is broadcast in reruns on the Game Show Network. GSN also has a new remake of the show under the apt title 'Whammy'. Lisa was fond of it in her childhood - I believe she said she digs the break dancing Whammy :)


Bridgett said...

I don't think I remember this Joker's game. Hmmm. Aren't we nearly the same age?

I do remember Match Game (which I love) and Press Your Luck (which as a kid I loved...as an adult? Eh.)