Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Hate Mail, American Idol, and Lost

Yes, I did get hate email about my article yesterday. Only two mind you, but they were doozies. The first called me several names, specifically said I didn't love my family, and labeled my writing "worthless drivel". The second was kinder, but that might be because he doesn't appear to have actually read the column.

* * * *

I'll be glad when American Idol is done for the year. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it's such a pain to have another obligation on my schedule. It's not like you can even postpone your viewing, because the media saturation gives it all away the next day.

* * * *

I was late for work last week because of Mr. Gokey. Gokey's hometown return was a big event here, and while a top crowd of 5,000 was expected at the Summerfest Grounds more than 20,000 showed up. That meant traffic was backed up around the city, even on the south side, so I sat on the freeway listening to 'cool' alternative music DJ's blast American Idol as 'Karaoke'.


* * * * *

I'm not a big conspiracy person, but the first song that Danny was forced to sing reeked of an ambush. Terrance Trent Darby? An unknown Terrance Trent Darby song ? An unknown Terrance Trent Darby song that sounds like disco?

Meanwhile, Adam is handed U2's fine if over-rated 'One'. This reminded me, just a hair, of the overtly feminine songs that were chosen for the Kelly/Justin finale in Season One. That move put Justin, already an underdog, at a fatal disadvantage.

I don't think the producers rig the election, but they sure do their best to sway the vote.

I thought Danny bit the bullet and got through the first song and shined by the end of the show. Kris started the show strong but his version of Kanye, to me, sounded like a butchered coffee-shop version of a great song.

Adam . . . ugh. Every song sounds the same, a shrieking knock-off of Mark Wahlberg's imitation of Judas Priest in Rock Star. And what's with the tongue thing?You're not in Kiss, Adam.

I'm kind of hoping Gokey doesn't win it all, as I'd like him to have more than the one moderate hit the winner will produce before returning to obscurity. Still, I think he makes the finals with Adam.

* * * *

I haven't written about Lost because for several weeks, while I was at work, someone *cough* failed to notice that the DVR cancelled the recording in favor of Whatever, Martha.

I've finally caught up online. Here are some brief thoughts:

1. The actress that plays 40 year old Eloise Hawking (Alice Evans) is SUPER SUPER HOT. What a Danny girl.

2. The shooting of Ben ended in a cop-out worthy of Dallas. His memory was erased? C'mon!

3. Locke is creating his own 'destiny'. He sends Richard to recruit the adolescent Locke, he send Ricard to pass on the message that he must die, etc. So how much of it is BS? Is he destined for greatness, or just a false prophet?

4. Kate has become a boring, superfluous character, both in terms of the show itself and her interactions within the Lost universe. She could bite the big one and I wouldn't shed a tear.

5. I still say time can be altered. Maybe they have a shot at erasing everything that's happened. I just don't think detonating a hydrogen bomb is a smart way to go about it.


jeanne said...

I'm sorry about the hate emails, but how could they call you? Does the paper give out your number? Some people have nothing else to do but to send hate mail, it would be better if they just wrote to the paper, then everyone could see what their point of view was.

Didn't get to see Idol last night, but love your take on it...

Beth said...

Sorry about the hate mail. Stupid anonymous comments are bad enough...getting an email attacking you and your family is really bad.

Sarah J said...

Don't feel bad. The article was great and your points right on. There's a difference between being "pro-smoking" (which very few people are) and protecting a proprietors right to run their business the way they see fit good or bad. I wish that the government thought us Americans were smart enough to decide which restaurants we frequent or what we shouldn't put in our bodies without their help. Can't wait for the ban on alcohol, soda and fast food!

I agree with the Idol comments. Adam annoys me, but clearly he has a fan base. My only problem with Danny is I have trouble seeing what type of music he fits into. I see Kris as a John Maier type and Adam more Nine Inch Nails, but what is Danny going to be?

Bridgett said...

All the great writers get hate mail, you know. :)

But truly, what did you write that could possibly justify hate mail?
I thought you made a lot of sense.

As for AI...I didn't even watch last night. I deleted it from my DVR. I'm just sort of over AI, to be honest. I honestly don't give a crap who wins at this point. ::Sigh::

Part of it is Kara. Can't STAND her.

Anyway...I've always appreciated your AI reviews, so thank you! I know it was time-consumming. :)