Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

One of the smartest ideas I've ever come up with is the concept of the Back Scratch Grid (TM pending).

After years of asking someone to scratch my back, then suffering through the inevitable "higher . . .lower . . . to the left, no the left . . " I hit upon a brainstorm: Sixteen different grid areas, easily identified by co-ordinates. A (below the shoulder) to D (lower back), 1 (left) to 4 (right).

Have an itch midway up your back on the right side? Ask for assistance at location C-4. Easy-peezy. It's bloody genius, and yet for years Lisa's called me insane whenever I implement it. I guess those without the gift are prone to mocking it. Sad really.

Last night I called for help in D-3 and D-4, and met with half-haphazard results.

"What the hell?" I said. "How easy can this be? They're co-ordinates and you still managed to miss it completely. C'mon!"

She nodded agreement. "Well to be fair Dan, maybe you should divide up the grid more" she said, "since it's grown quite a bit wider since you invented it."



jeanne said...

I never heard of a grid for a scratch, don't think it will fly. But I do love Lisa's statement, "divide up the grid..." funny, LOL

Estela said...


Sybil said...

DAN you are BRILLIANT but of course you already know that !!
I had had an itchy back for as long as I can remember but never thought that one out !! when Mary comes over today that will be my instructions for her..mind you she will be a bit like your lisa I expect with her comments !!
Love to all,
Sybil xx

Bridgett said...

Burn!!! LOL

I tell ya, your wife is hilarious!

But hey, the coordinates are a good idea, if I do say so myself. I should implement them on the hubby tonight and see what he says. :)


Bernadette said...


..but it's a good idea.