Friday, May 1, 2009

Smiley at the park - Easter Sunday

After Easter dinner at my parents house the kids were divided up among the grandparents/aunts and only Smiley returned home with us. If you remember, it was sunny but cold - a winter coat but no hat day - but the sun was too good to pass up. So I took Smiley for a late afternoon adventure to a nearby park.

There were other kids and parents there at first, all visiting nearby houses for the holiday, but within a half hour or so we had the place to ourselves. Smiley had found a lost tennis ball on a nearby court and made a game of tossing it up a slide and then trying to catch it on the fly as it richocheted down the chute.






He played that game FOREVER, or at least until I told him it was time to go home. On the return trip we cut across the tennis courts and came upon an empty wire reel (I think it may have stored the newly stretched tennis nets for the winter). For no good reason other than it seemed like fun, we decided to make this our toy.


We rolled it back and forth across the court, running it into the fence at one end and the net on the other (allright, I stopped it just shy of the net to avoid damage. But only because I'm a dorky scaredy-cat.)




jeanne said...

The next baseball fielder:)

He sure liked the park. Such smiles.

Astaryth said...

Looks like fun was had by all!

With that smile, the boy is going to be a girl magnet when he gets older... and probably is already one now LOL!

Sybil said...

He really is a wee honey Dan...Seeing that big wheel thingy brought back long ago memories of when we were having electricity installed in our village....yes I lived in the pre electricity age !!! and the cables came wound round things just like that and we had a whale of a time playing with them when they were empty...things never change !!!
Have a lovely weekend.
God Bless you all

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I used to love to play with the wire reels, glad you had fun :o)

Bridgett said...

Well, it's certainly obvious why you call him 'Smiley.' :)

Looks like one of those memorable days that will be ingrained in your mind forever.


Amy said...

He's absolutely ADORABLE!