Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ugh. Kids.

Over at Bernie's blog I read that during a tantrum her daughter threw a battery through a window. A horrible thing, naturally, but I thank Bernadette profusely for publishing the fact.

Why? Because while it caused no monetary damage, my LuLu had one of THE BIGGEST AND MOST EMBARRASSING FITS EVER yesterday, and the knowledge that there are others like her in the world . . well, it's a small comfort, but I'll take it.

I went to pick the girls up from school yesterday and as usual the K4 teacher released her brood early, so I got LuLu first. I told her both Lisa and I were working and that she'd spend the evening at my Mom's. She was fine with it - happy actually.

Then YaYa came out and joined us, and while I wouldn't put it past her to torment Lu, I think what followed was a genuine slip of the tongue. YaYa mentioned that instead of spending the day at my Mom's, she'd been invited to sleep over at her cousin's apartment.

Cue LuLu's fit.

Er, wrong word. I can handle fits and hissies. The girl had a fit and a hissy and refused to come with us, running away from me time and again as if we were playing a demented game of tag.

In front of the whole parking lot full of students and parents

I already have a complex from being the designated white thrash family of the school, the poorest of the bunch (even when I had my old job), and "that Dad that always drops the kids off five minutes late in the morning". Now, if anyone was paying the slightest attention, I'm the "Dad that is totally ignored and disrespected by his five year old".

Threats didn't work. Logic didn't work. I never tried to bribe her, I was too angry and it sets a bad precedent, but I did threaten to leave her behind. That worked . . . sorta. She'd wander over to us, then break away and run across the lot screaming.

In the end, AFTER 15 MINUTES, I caught hold of her, lifted her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and loaded her into the car.

For anyone who did view this scene, yes, she is still alive and well. It's not necessarily my preferred choice, but there are all those pesky laws and Commandments and all. But her behavior will change. Guaranteed.

Ugh. Sometimes life sucks.


Astaryth said...

This happens to every parent at some point. The little dears do have a mind of their own and they will use it at the most inopportune times ;p

Looking for another tale to make you feel better? Check out here, you'll like this lady:

Bridgett said...

Oh dear.

The good news?
We've all been there. As embarrassing as it is, our kids can be real cretins when they want to be. LOL

The even better news...
I'm told they eventually outgrow this phase.
I pray everyday this is the truth.


Beth said...

Yikes, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I do get the impression that there will be discussion of this at the Slapinions household.

Jeanne said...

OMG, this from LuLu infront of her friends and all, wonder what they will say the next day. But all in all, this will be out grown, I think YaYa did this too.:)

Things do get better, that is until the girls hit 13 then it starts again until they get married :)