Sunday, May 24, 2009


Untraceable looked good in the previews. It has Diane Lane, number one, who has a standing invitation to be my Cougar whenever she feels the need, and it had a good premise.

A man is killing people on the Internet, with the speed of each demise determined by how many hits the website receives; the more people risking a peek, the faster the death. It's up to Lane and her FBI co-workers to solve the case and put him behind bars.

You'll quickly pick up on the fact that the movie makers are pure hypocrites. The movie is intended to stand as a sad condemnation on our voyeuristic and bloodthirsty society.

To accomplish this noble goal they create a movie who's sole reason for being seems to be to recreate the Saw and Hostel model. People aren't just killed, or even tortured and killed, they're killed in grotesque and unique ways.

I'm not against violence on screen, but there's enough sickos and misery in this world without having to sit around watching torture porn. This movie was a waste.

With the scenes 2.0 out of 4; with a screenwriter less inclined to masturbate over the needless suffering of innocents, 3.0 out of 4.

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Bridgett said...

The torture scenes were pretty awful, weren't they?

The premise of this movie was so good...but it was a bit stomach turning, no doubt.